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A cat shop that will drive the cat lovers crazy: one of them created it 15 years ago, a cat lover who online "sells" everything and more for those who are addicted cat. Most of the articles of his cat shop Lo Smagatto in addition to being, of course, gatty, they are also sustainable and ethical because they come from companies that comply with trade standards fair trade, guarantee respectful working conditions, adequate pay, and invest part of the profits in school and environmental education projects.

The Smagatto she is green and a lover of animals, after all the creator Barbara Bertinetti she graduated with a thesis on cats, demonstrating that an animal “tends” to be a solitary animal, but in truth very adaptable to the environmental and social situations in which it finds itself. And when you take a cat home, it turns it into a real "social" animal. Even exploring his cat shop it turns out that the cat has a thousand shapes and colors to keep us company and those who love it find a way to wear it, have it in a bag, on the agenda and ... everywhere.

1) When was the idea for the Smagatto cat shop born?

After graduating with a thesis on the behavior of domestic cats, I continued to study it while living in England for a year, thanks to a scholarship. In Bath I found a nice little shop, a cat shop, completely dedicated to objects for those who love cats. Hence the idea of ​​opening one in Italy if I failed to enter the academic world. Back home, tired of going on with hungry scholarships and with little hope of a secure future, in 2000 I opted for a cat shop, on the web, to see if it could work like that. After 15 years, with mine cat shop Lo Smagatto I'm still here!

2) Why this name for a cat shop?

I love the Alice in Wonderland story of Lewis Carroll. My favorite character is the cat that appears and disappears: "the Cheshire Cat". Since even a cat shop, being a site, it appears and disappears with a single click, I wanted to associate with mine cat shop the figure of this character. In a very old pre-Disney edition of Alice - I collect them - this cat was named Smagatto, from "smiling" and "cat" and so I wanted to call my cat shop.

3) What do you offer in your cat shop? What is the most popular in your cat shop?

From the first 200 articles online in cat shop in November 2000, we constantly renewed and increased the offer, today we have between 400 and 500 items. In cat shop Lo Smagatto you will find clothing and costume jewelery, furnishing accessories and items for the kitchen, lots of bags and wallets. Since September, every year, there is also a huge range of calendars and agendas including those of the Gatteria. Among the best sellers in the cat shop there are the colorful cats of the artist Rosina Wachtmeister and the original gadgets of the famous and funny Simon's cat. In addition to being online, the cat shop organizes stands on the occasion of all the most important feline events.

4) Who are the “typical customers” of the cat shop Lo Smagatto?

Surely the typical customer of ours cat shop is… Woman !! Men also come buy in ours cat shop but practically all to give gifts to their companions. The final recipient is always a sissy. The age range is between 35 and 50 years, many orders arrive at cat shop from Milan and Rome, but we have customers scattered all over Italy.

5) Alongside the cat shop items, is there also a commitment to cats and their rights?

I have been a cat lover and a cat lover since birth: my maternal grandparents had a small farmhouse where I loved being in the company of all animals, especially cats. When I was 15 I became a vegetarian and started being active in animal welfare associations. In cat shop Lo Smagatto therefore there are no leather wallets and bags, silk scarves, “bone china” cups: I don't buy objects that have stories of death behind them. For cats specifically, I've been dealing with one for a long time feline colony, also the subject of my degree thesis, I have been supporting for years Save the dogs, and periodically various other associations for the protection of the cat.

6) Do you have cats? What do you love in them?

Apart from the farm cats that I cuddled by my grandparents, I finally had a cat of my own at the age of 18, Cat. When I got married, I immediately adopted another cat, then another, then again ... because cats are like cherries, one leads to another !! On the site of cat shop there are also photos and stories of my beloved feline companions, on the “about us” page. In them I love everything but, in particular, their independence, their desire for pampering "When I say it and not when you decide!", and above all the charm of having small tigers to admire so closely!

7) Cats and cat shop, but there are also stray cats or cats looking for a house. Some advice?

First of all to those who find themselves sighing "I would like to take another cat but mine is too jealous" I say that the best thing ever is to take two cats immediately, small or adult or both, it doesn't matter. Even if you only have one cat, it is by no means impossible to get another one: it will take time, patience and a few simple tricks, but coexistence is possible. For the Stray catsOn the other hand, practically every city has an association that deals with it. You can help by bringing food, cleaning, checking the general state of welfare of the animals or taking care of the relationship (not always easy!) With the institutions, or the website that talks about the colony and looks for new volunteers or circulates the photos gods adoptable cats ... there is always a lot to do!

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