Smoothies for skin health

Smoothies for skin health

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Drink regularly shakes fruit and vegetables can be healthy for our body; our skin, which is very thick, dehydrated, irritated by smog and worn by the signs of aging, also benefits from it. These extraordinary natural drinks can be prepared by mixing vegetables with tasty fruits such as apples, strawberries, bananas ...

On the market we find several products for skin beauty care, however they can be harmful to our skin. Why not go to nature's pharmacy? Each skin problem has specific resolutions, in fact there are smoothies to treat dry skin, to treat acne, to hydrate it ...

Smoothies for skin health

  • Dehydrated skin

One of the most common problems is dry skin. To restore life to the skin and to hydrate it, here is the recipe.
-200 ml of mineral water
- Juice of one lemon
-10 white grapes
-2 apples

Cut the apples into cubes leaving the skin and then transfer them to the mixer together with the rest of the ingredients. Blend for a couple of minutes
Drink without filtering: it is advisable to drink the freshly prepared smoothie, if it is stored, many properties are lost!
To drink 3 times a week on an empty stomach

  • Impure skin

-200ml of water
-2 kiwis
-The juice of 1 orange
-A handful of strawberries

Cut the kiwis and strawberries into small pieces then transfer everything to the blender together with the rest of the ingredients mentioned above
Blend for a few minutes
Once the smoothie is ready, add some ice and drink it immediately
To drink 3 times a week

  • Against acne

-100 grams of raspberries
- celery stalk
-200ml of mineral water

Pour the ingredients into the mixer and blend until the mixture is smooth
Drink 2 times a week

For more information, read "Acne, natural remedies"

  • Against skin aging

Here is the recipe for a smoothie rich in antioxidants and other essential nutrients to fight free radicals and eliminate toxins. To be consumed frequently to prevent the premature appearance of wrinkles and other signs of premature aging.

-3 red tomatoes
-1 tablespoon of liquid chlorophyll
-20 grams of fresh bean sprouts
- 1 stem celery
-Parsley 1 tuft
-The juice of one lemon

Pour all the ingredients into the mixer, adding a little water to make it more consistent

  • Against pimples

-1 large slice of papaya
-1 clove of garlic.
-1 tablespoon of rice syrup
-Half apple with peel.
-1 tablespoon of flax seeds

Pour the ingredients into the mixer and blend for a few minutes, if you deem it appropriate, add water to make it more consistent
To drink without filtering on an empty stomach.

For more information, read "Pimples, natural remedies"

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