Seeding belt: advantages and advice

Seeding belt: advantages and advice

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A sowing belt it will save you a good deal of time: for sowing, all you have to do is apply it directly to the soil bed. Aseeding beltoffers the correct spacing between one seed and another, it will not be necessary to worry about the thinning that usually follows germination or even the sowing depth.

Thesowing beltit is suitable for those who have little time but do not want to give up gardening and it is even more suitable for beginners. THEsowing beltson the market, usually, they offer seeds with certified and guaranteed yield. At the time of purchase, make sure that the belt has seeds that offer 100% guaranteed germination, only in this way will you be sure not to waste unnecessary space in the garden.

Existsowing belts with beets, rocket, carrots, lettuce, radishes…. there is only the embarrassment of choice, there is no shortage of ribbons with flower seeds on the market, already pre-spaced and ready for the creation of borders, flower beds or flowered spaces. A seed web can be cut to any length so it always fitsfurrowsof the vegetable garden.

The tape on which the seeds are fixed is not reusable and will not have to be removed at any stage of cultivation: it is a completely biodegradable and organic tape, usually made with organic tissue paper, free of adhesives or artificial products. After sowing it will be necessary to irrigate: it is the water that starts the process of biodegradation of the belt and germination of the seeds.

DIY sowing belt

The self-production of a sowing belt It's simple, you just need a good deal of patience when it comes to particularly small seeds. All the instructions for preparing a sowing belt are available in the articleSeed tape do it yourself.

If you can simply use poor quality toilet paper for the tape, as a glue to fix the seeds to the paper / tape, we recommend an organic glue or a natural culinary glue such as starch. Corn starch, if dissolved in boiling water (brought to a low temperature), creates an opaque glue, which will be as white as paper. To make it easier to use the glue obtained, you can use food coloring.

Belt seeds on the market

As it is clear, self-producing belt seeds with do it yourself is simple, however, those who do not have much time to invest for this procedure can simplify sowing by purchasing seeds directly on a belt ready for use. Among the various market proposals we point out:
1) Carrot - 5 meters of sowing tape
2) Lettuce canasta - 5 meters of tape for sowing
3) Radish - 5 mt tape for sowing

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