Spinone Italiano: character, breeding and price

Spinone Italiano: character, breeding and price

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Italian Spinone: it is a breed to which they have given every breed of nicknames: "good-natured gruff", "clochard", "philosopher dog" or "poet dog", all for its expression "a bit like that". They are certainly not random nicknames, but based only on appearance: the truth is that it is Italian spinone, together with the Italian bracco, represents the essence of the hunting breeds originating in our country. Our protagonist, in particular, is a pointing dog bred to hunt, target and bring back game.

The Italian spinone he is truly Italian, “a true Italian” and, as such, he is also liked outside the border. A little neglected in the past, only recently Italian spinone it returned to arouse interest and began to breed and select it again in Italy and, outside the national territories, in Scandinavia and Great Britain.

He, however, does Italian spinone, the French Sélincourt already haunted the territory in 1683, writes in his book “The best griffons they come from Italy and Piedmont "but he often went unnoticed, under the name of" griffone ", in fact, and so confused among other hunting dogs. The category is his, in fact, and in those days, Italian spinone or not, if they had rough hair and good instincts, they were griffons and stops.

Of such dogs, therefore of the Italian spinone & co, also write Xenophon, Seneca, Arriano, Nemesiano, Grazio Falisco and many other authors of antiquity, while for a portrait of him we have to wait until the fifteenth century. The Italian spinone it appears in fact in a fresco by Mantegna in Mantua, in the Hall of the Spouses of the Ducal Palace. For centuries this breed has remained pure, gaining considerable fame from Italy. Today it Italian spinone it is particularly appreciated especially in Great Britain, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland and the USA.

Italian spinone: appearance

The Italian spinone it is a large breed dog: it is about 60/70 cm tall and its weight varies from 32 to 37 kg for males, and from 28 to 30 for females, but it is not uncommon to see subjects of about 45 kg. The colors allowed for this breed are white, white orange, white and brown, roan, brown roan, white orange is the most appreciated and most striking. But then, everyone has their own tastes, difficult to say, then, with fashions. Yes, even for it Italian spinone. He's Italian, isn't he?

The Italian spinone he is a trotter and his physique supports him: he has a square chest, limbs with a robust and always well-proportioned bone and well-developed muscles. A peculiarity of the Italian spinone the coat is hard and straight, very dense, while the undercoat is lacking. Even his head is unique in its kind for the expression and position of the hair, and then there is that nose, that nose, all from hunting dog, thick and prominent.

Italian spinone: character

That of Italian spinone is a good and patient disposition, suitable, indeed, perfect for children, and for those who want to keep up with them and be a present and affectionate owner. Intelligent, playful and good-natured, however, he is not a dog for everyone Italian spinone. It is highly not recommended for lazy people and cleaning fanatics. And then to those who, even if they would love it, have a small apartment.

The best place for one Italian spinone it is a beautiful house in the country with a large family and with many male puppies to play with. He, with them, shows infinite patience even though as a child he can be turbulent and clumsy with them, so better keep an eye on him: he may inadvertently exaggerate with canine affection. For anyone who has an apartment, get one Italian spinone it involves the constant commitment, even in the rain and frost, to take it outside, and not just for needs, but to run or walk for a long time. It is his need, written in his being hunting dogIt is therefore better to have a high resistance leash suitable for keeping up with him.

Essential, for those who have one Italian spinone, also the obligation to involve him in family life: he needs a first socialization and comprehensive training. To tell the truth, it is advisable to converse with him, to make him feel important, included. In an apartment with the size and the desire to move that is found, it Italian spinone it is not easy to manage, but it is not impossible, even if it remains a rustic dog, with strong aptitudes, with great learning ability.

To train one Italian spinone you have to dedicate time to him, he does not tolerate mistreatment or being neglected, otherwise the docile and patient character of the spinone turns into introverted and fearful. If in the family and with the circle of close acquaintances it is an expansive and playful dog, with strangers at times it is shy. And his melancholy gaze comes out.

Spinone italiano: breeding

Today it Italian spinone it is raised not only in Italy but also abroad. There was a decline in the spread of this breed with the advent of English dogs but then it was possible to witness a real recovery of Italian spinone on Anglo-Saxon colleagues. In the 40s and 50s it returned to reap success in Italy, and with the boost of the vintage return it became a passion for dog lovers like this, who live outside our country.

Today the breed of Italian spinone is protected by a fair number of serious breeders, who make the current morphological and working standard a common denominator, are recognized by the FCI and can be consulted on the dedicated website "". Today there are about 30 in Italy, many in Tuscany and Lombardy, some in Lazio, Piedmont and Emilia Romagna.

According to what is said among fans of Italian spinone, about 600/700 puppies are born every year and many also participate in national and international competitions. Yes, even international because since the war Italian spinone it is particularly appreciated abroad, especially in Great Britain, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland and the USA.

Some of these countries have achieved total autonomy in breeding, especially in the USA and Great Britain the breed is protected by specialized associations. It doesn't matter where, but breed one Italian spinone it means breeding a substantially healthy breed, with a very robust health and no peculiar diseases. These are also medium-long-lived dogs, with an average life expectancy of around 12-13 years.

Italian spinone: price

An Italian spinone puppies cost between 700 and 900 Euros. In the event that the puppy has already started a hunting training course for a period of at least 6 months, the price can rise to over 1,500 euros.

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