Automatic dog food dispensers

Automatic dog food dispensers

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Automatic dog food dispensers: that they serve for regulation, for self-regulation or to delegate a human or canine task to a machine? The doubt is there, but before dispelling it I like to go and see the potential of the object. In this case it is automatic dog food dispensers, therefore it is also important to understand the role they play, or can play, in feeding our hungry, greedy, inappetent 4-legged friend. And greedy too.

Dog food vending machines: how to identify doses

Nutrition is a fundamental element for the good health of dogs, and we are not just talking about quality but also quantity. So here's that good one dog food dispenser maybe it can make a difference. Let's take a step back to understand how they are evaluated and optimal daily portions. The rations depend on the weight of the animal, its sex, age and the dog's lifestyle.

There are tables for calculating the daily energy requirement, then perhaps to be customized, as indeed happens with us humans. We are not machines, and diets are not mathematical, you have to sew them on. Even balancing correctly proteins, carbohydrates, fibers and fats in the chosen foods it is essential to have and keep a dog in good health. From the daily energy requirement you can calculate the daily dose of food and therefore the ration, to be corrected with the physiological factor (pregnancy, "childhood", breastfeeding ...) and with the "race factor". Curiously, there is a 0.8 for Nordic and Newfoundland breeds, a 1.1 for hunting dogs and so on.

Dog food vending machines: when and why to use them

Why buy a dog and then have so little time to devote to it that you can't even give it eat regularly? A controversial question could be this, but there are situations in which love for a dog goes beyond the sense of reality, or things change and you find yourself unable to fit everything together. So here is that i automatic dog food dispensers they run to our aid. They run to "bring the ball back" like our 4-legged friends, putting situations that have slipped out of our hands in our hands.

Dog food vending machines: which one to choose

There is a good choice on the market for automatic dog food dispensers. We cannot complain, on the contrary, we can choose which one best suits us, the more it comes to us without invading our man / woman-dog relationship.

THE automatic dog food dispensers proposed by Pet Italy include 3 programmable meals and have a novelty introduced in 2015. This is the vocal part: automatic dog food dispensers speakers. Time and dose is naturally at the discretion of us masters: we program how much and when and then think about it automatic dog food dispensers.

And the voice? Here it is, and not just voice, even music if you want. Yes, the innovative ones automatic dog food dispensers they give the possibility to record a phrase, a voice, a "scream" if you want, or an operetta, or a jingle, at will. With a microphone. And then? This recorded track will become the reminder with which i automatic dog food dispensers they will communicate our absence with the dog.

They will be the "gong" of dinner or lunch. They will remind the animal, only at home, when it is time to eat. Then, magic! As in a futuristic cartoon there are six separate trays in which we can insert 6 different types of food, and decide when to eat what. Each tray of the automatic dog food dispensers it will be opened at the right time, thanks also to a control panel that is easy to use, disassemble and clean and costs just under 40 euros.

From an aesthetic point of view, i automatic dog food dispensers proposed by Pet Italy are very sober, everything is hidden from the sight of guests, and of the dog himself who, if it is not time, sees a closed cylinder and stop. Then it opens in wedges, it is elegant, with visible adjustments, with the hope that the dog is not so smart as to manipulate its meals. runs on batteries and they are under, protected.

Among the various automatic dog food dispensers there are also those like “Big Self Food” In this case we have a transparent tank that allows us to see the level of the food go down gradually. The dog will naturally see it too, let's hope he won't get anxious.

However, there is no need to worry, because the maximum capacity is 5 liters and, since they are automatic dog food dispensers, it is possible to program the quantity to be released from time to time available to our pet. You get up to 3 meals a day, starting with one, and even in the case of "Big Self Food" we can indulge ourselves and record a voice call to say "all at the table".

Like the previous ones, by Pet Italy, these too automatic dog food dispensers they run on batteries, have no dangerous wires, and are easy to clean. Both the tank and the tray are removable, all costing 60 euros.

From an aesthetic point of view, these automatic dog food dispensers they are more conspicuous than the previous ones. For an owner who is proud of his dog and who is not bothered by objects that recall his presence in the house. Even if a curious neighbor enters, a broom seller or his daughter's friend. The tank in plain sight it is also a convenience, it looks like a sort of hourglass of food, it counts the hours of your return together with your 4-legged friend, but with a full stomach.

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