How to sterilize glass jars in the microwave

How to sterilize glass jars in the microwave

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How to sterilize glass jars in the microwave: a practical guide to microwave sterilization to ensure impeccable hygiene of glass jars is baby bottle.

Making jams and preserves of all kinds can be a very rewarding way to preserve food. On the other hand, those who engage in these practices know very well the risks associated with food contamination; sixglass jarsemployees were dirty? The risks of botulism would skyrocket! It is for this reason that, before filling the jars, a good one must be donesterilization.

Asterile jar, to be filled with carefully prepared food, it offers an environment where mold and bacteria cannot proliferate.

Forsterilize the jarsit is possible to use the classicoven, the dishwasher, a saucepan with boiling water or themicrowave oven. On this page we will seehow to sterilize glass jars in the microwave, for all other methods, please refer to the articleHow to sterilize glass jars.

How to sterilize jars in the microwave

When sterilizing i jars in the microwave the same principle of boiling water is used. There sterilization of glass jars in the microwave is the quickest way to sterilize the jars. The procedure is very easy:

  1. Wash iglass jars. Make sure there is no food or dust residue on the inside.
  2. Fill the jars 3/4 full of water and place them in the microwave. Know that, compatibly with the capacity of your microwave oven, more jars can besterilizedsimultaneously.
  3. Leave the jars in the oven for about 3 minutes or until the water begins to boil. The boiling water will sterilize the inside of the jar of glass.
  4. Remove i jars from the microwave using a kitchen towel: the jars will be hot.

After sterilization, the glass jars should be immediately filled with your preserves.

In the microwave, bubbles do not always form in water that reaches 100 ° C. Before the procedure, add a broken toothpick to each jar to encourage the formation of bubbles, or use a kitchen thermometer to check the water temperature every 2 minutes.

How long to boil the water to sterilize jars and bottles in the microwave?

The Centers for Disease Control and the Environmental Protection Agency recommend boiling the water for at least one minute to allow for a safety margin, or for 3 minutes at altitudes exceeding 2000 meters. Not knowing what altitude you are in, in the guide we will indicate an average time of three minutes! :)

Other methods forsterilize jars in the microwave

This method forsterilize glass jars in the microwave it is widely used for the sterilization of baby bottles intended for the administration of baby food.

On many blogs it is recommended that you enter the glass jar directly into themicrowaveand wait from 40 to 120 seconds, however, for greater safety, we recommend the use of special sterilization bags.

Let's talk about containers in which to put thejars to be sterilizedbefore inserting them into themicrowave oven.

The prices of these containers are quite low, especially if you buy online: on Amazon, 10 bags for themicrowave sterilizationare offered at the price of 10.15 euros and free shipping.

Each container can be used 20 times and can accommodate from one to more glass jars to be sterilized, depending on the size of the jar. The bag should be left in themicrowavefor the 3 minutes, time required for onecomplete sterilization.

For all product information:bags to sterilize

Sterilize baby bottles or jars without microwave bags

As stated, on many blogs it is recommended to enter the glass jar directly into themicrowave. This practice is highly discouraged because it assumes that the microwave chamber is an aseptic environment. Nothing could be more wrong: vapors, microorganisms accumulate in the microwave and… don't forget that the microwave compartment comes into daily contact with food, containers, with our hands…! This is by no means an aseptic environment!

Sterilize baby bottles in the microwave

For thesterilization of the bottle in the microwaveyou can use the same process. If you find amicrowave containerlarge enough to hold thebottles to be sterilized, use that as well.

Otherwise, there are ad hoc containers on the market that have a longer average life. While the bags seen above have an average life of 20 microwave sterilization cycles, these products are designed to last the life of bottle lactation. They are made of rigid plastic and therefore not subject to wear.

The photo above shows one of the most established products on the market. The container is large enough to accommodate 2 - 3 bottles (depending on the model) and the related accessories.

This container not only allows you tosterilize baby bottles in the microwaveam also to keep the sterile product for 24 hours, useful in case of a trip out of town.

For sterilize the bottle you need to load the container and place it in the microwave at maximum power (900w) for 3 minutes. The product is offered on Amazon at the promo price of 13.10 euros with free shipping (when it is not in the promo period it is 14.90, its ordinary price, from the shop, amounts to about 19.90 euros) and, as said, it can face infinite sterilization cycles because it is not subject to wear.

For all the info: Nuvita Sterilizer for Microwave Oven

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