Photovoltaic tiles with storage system

Photovoltaic tiles with storage system

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Thephotovoltaic tilesthey are able to integrate architecturally into the roofing of a building. On the market there are several models ofphotovoltaic tilesmore or less efficient and more or less innovative. Among the most advanced models we point out thephotovoltaic tiles with integrated storage system, perfect for those who want aphotovoltaic roofwith accumulator to better manage self-produced solar energy.

Thephotovoltaic tilesin question are theTegosolar Plus,but let's proceed step by step and talk about the fundamental units, the simple photovoltaic tiles that take the name of Tegosolar. Tegosolar is a roof covering that waterproofs the roof, like a traditional panel to be applied above the roof, therefore, on the one hand it protects the roof and on the other it is able to produce electricity by exploiting the sun's rays.

These photovoltaic tiles are perfect for those looking for a flexible (in all senses), comfortable (they are self-cleaning) solution and above all for those looking for walkable photovoltaic tiles. They are not reflective and do not need special installation permits so even those who live in areas with high landscape value can finally have their photovoltaic roof without consulting the property superintendency (for more information, see the articleclearance for photovoltaics).

How do you install the photovoltaic tiles?
The tegosolarthey are easy to install, have a mechanical or thermal fixing and do not require maintenance. The Photovoltaic cells of these latest generation solar tiles, are in "triple junction thin film amorphous silicon". Tegosolar is available in two variants: with 11 PV cells for a production of 68 Watt or with 22 PV cells for 136 Watt. The photovoltaic cells are guaranteed for a production that in the 25th year must be at least 80% of the nominal productivity.

As stated, the photovoltaic tilesthey can be associated with an integrated storage system, this is the case with the productTegosolar Plus. Tegosolar Plus is a system that combines the technical and aesthetic advantages of integrated photovoltaics with storage systems that allow you to optimize the economic yield of the electricity produced.

Inside the building, a fairly sized cabinet is positioned that contains both the batteries and the inverter: the system is structured to automatically optimize photovoltaic production, energy storage and related consumption, in order to reduce costs of acquiring electricity from the grid.

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