How to recycle used books

How to recycle used books

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It often happens that you find yourself at home with lots of used books, a school legacy that turns out to be a hindrance since it takes up space! Many love to read and do not intend in any way to recycle used books, but we are sure that this type of creative recycling that we will illustrate in this guide will be able to capture everyone's attention.

How to recycle used books, the sale
If you don't like creative recycling and still intend to get rid of your old books, you can opt for the sale. In almost all cities you will find bookstores that deal with the purchase of used books which they then resell, including school texts. Generally, old books are purchased at half price and resold with a slight percentage added to ensure a profit for the intermediary: that is, the bookseller who bought them for you! Alternatively, you can resort to the web and opt for one of the many online markets dedicated to used books: the most famous is certainly


If you prefer to deal with the sale without intermediaries, you can opt for the online sale of books by placing free ads on websites such as Subito, Kijiji, etc. Finally, consider also the donation to some municipal library.

How to recycle used books, plant pot
Thanks to creative recycling you can give new life to your books, turning them, for example, into original plant pots or jewelry boxes. The procedure is the same in both cases, the important thing is to have books with a very double cover available.
To create this creative recycling work you will need a cutter ... a lot of precision and patience. Here is the procedure:


  1. Take your book and, with the help of a cutter, cut the inside of the book leaving an edge at the margin of about 2.5-3 cm: obviously, all the pages of the book must be cut with precision, except for the cover
  2. Take some clear glue and isolate the inner part you just cut out of the book
  3. At this point, close the book and put something very heavy on it
  4. Use glue to block the outside of the book pages and let it dry well.

If you want to make a jewelry box, your work ends here, if you want to make a plant pot instead, you will have to insulate the inner part obtained from the book with thick plastic.

Useful recommendation: favor only succulent plants to be inserted inside.


The art of creative recycling leaves no room for limits, cardboard furniture bears witness to this, and when our imagination doesn't help us, we can appeal to the classic recycling of paper. All information on how to recycle paper is contained in our guide articlehow to recycle paper.

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