PDR gas (gas redelivery point): where it is located

PDR gas (gas redelivery point): where it is located

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PDR gas is the acronym of "Gas redelivery point": it is a code which is used to uniquely identify your gas user.

The PDR it's a code assigned at the time of activation and it does NOT change even in the event of another gas distribution company taking over the management of the service.

On the basis of art. 5 of Resolution 138/04 issued byAuthority for electricity, gas and the water system the PDR gas must be communicated:

- by the merchant the sales activity to the end customer by entering this code on all commercial invoices (gas bills).

- from the distributor to users with reference to redelivery points supplied by the users themselves;

In case your manager is a2a, as in my case, the PDR gas is printed in the "SUPPLY DATA" box of the bill, located in the lower left.

The PDR code is particularly important because it is required in case you want to change your gas operator. For this reason, the manager may have an interest in making it difficult to find the PDR.

In the past, they have receivedAuthority for electricity, gas and the water system a series of reports from individual users and consumer associations who complained about the difficult identification of PDR code in gas bills.

The PDR code on the other hand, it must be clearly visible by law on all commercial invoices and must be promptly communicated in the event of a request by the customer assistance service of individual operators.

The PDR gas it is usually composed of 14 alphanumeric characters (as in my case) but sometimes it can be made up of fewer characters.

Based on resolution 152/06, in the Electricity bills instead, the POD code (homogeneous sampling point).

In the event that you are no longer satisfied with your gas operator, to achieve maximum savings, it is advisable to carefully compare all the available offers proposed by the various operators.

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