Bioeconomy and future at BioEnergy

Bioeconomy and future at BioEnergy

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Bioeconomy is the set of activities related to the transformation of renewable biological resources and biodegradable waste into value-added products. For example in food, feed, bioenergy, bioproducts and chemical semi-finished products. Today the bioeconomy it is booming and represents, when clean, a splendid opportunity from all points of view.

Fulcrum of bioeconomy it is the agricultural world, a sector that with its thousand streams generates a turnover of 2,000 million euros in Europe and employs 22 million people. And it is no coincidence that the agricultural world is the protagonist of BioEnergy which returns to the Cremona Fair (25-27 February) simultaneously with two other important events of the bioeconomy: Food Waste Management Conference is Green Chemistry Conference Exhibition.

Created in collaboration with Chimica Verde, Legambiente and AITA, the three events bring to the attention of the public the most innovative solutions in terms of energy production from renewable sources, management and reuse of food and clean chemical by-products.

TO BioEnergy a focus on maintenance and efficiency of biogas plants. After the numerous installations in recent years, the focus is now on maintenance and modernization with the most efficient technologies. In Italy there are 994 biogas plants for a total installed power of 750 MW (source GSE): the market is interested and is looking for specialized professionals.

Green Chemistry Conference Exhibition it is the stage of a sector that is proving to be one of the most interesting for developing new business alongside the agricultural activity. A fact: in 2008 the market for bioplastics, biolubricants, vegetable surfactants and biosolvents was worth 20 billion euros in Europe. In the next six years, according to forecasts, turnover will double in value and employment will increase from 50,000 to 93,000 employees.

Food Waste Management Conference is the exhibition dedicated to the management of waste and by-products of the agri-food industry. The resources available in Italy are impressive: 10 million tons / year of organic fraction of municipal waste; 1 million tons of slaughterhouse waste; 5 million tons of agro-industrial waste; 8.5 million tons of crop residues. The business potential is enormous.

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