Lantana: pruning, cuttings and seeds

Lantana: pruning, cuttings and seeds

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Of the lantana the pruning because this shrub tends by its nature to be quite invasive. But more than one pruning, in the case of lantana it will be a question of giving a harmonious shape to the whole, shortening the overgrown branches that tend to become woody fairly soon.

A lantana camara, the most cultivated species of the genus lantana, grows in optimal conditions up to 2 meters in height and 1.5 meters in diameter with tetragonal, very branched and intricate branches on which dark green leaves sprout that give off the unpleasant insect-repellent odor.

Lantana: pruning

The most suitable period for prune the lantana it is the end of winter, between February and March, when the plant comes out of its vegetative rest. The operation can also be done in late autumn, when the rest phase begins, but only if the branches have become too large and thorny.

There pruning it must be performed with well-sharpened and disinfected shears to avoid transmitting infections that could cause weakness and pave the way for attack by parasites. Remember that the lantana, in particular thelantana camara, it is particularly subject to the attack of mealy cochineal, but is also sensitive to spider mites and fungal diseases such as powdery mildew and white sickness.

The cut of pruning it must be clean and oblique, paying attention to the spines of which the lantana is provided. Big branches must be eliminated; from the younger and more tender apical ones, on the other hand, cuttings can be obtained and reproduced.

Lantana: reproduction

In March, at the same time as the pruning, can be taken from lantana cuttings of 8-10 cm from the young shoots. The cutting surface must be put in contact with rooting hormones (by dipping the base of the seedling in the dust) before implanting the cuttings in jars with potting soil mixed with fine sand.

Once prepared, the jars with the cuttings of lantana they must be closed in transparent polyethylene bags for 2-3 weeks until the new jets appear. At that point the cuttings must be uncovered and kept wet with exposure in full light at 18-21 degrees. When the new shoots have become 5-8 centimeters long, the seedlings can be topped and repotted in slightly larger containers; henceforth they can be treated as adult plants.

There lantana it can be sown and develops well in well-drained soft soil (a good solution is to put some shards on the bottom of the pot). The seedbed must be protected at a temperature of around 20 degrees centigrade. When it reaches 5 centimeters, once the root system has been developed, it can be put in pots. Here you find the lantana camara seeds

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