How much is electricity

How much is electricity

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How much is electricityit is a question that we have asked ourselves several times while we were trying to orient ourselves among the different bands, the mysterious “Energy Component”, the distribution charges and all those elements that end up making the cost of the bill rise.

Know how much electricity costs it means being able to direct your consumption in order to choose the most convenient rate, perhaps using tools like ours comparator, able to save several hundred euros every year.

As a rule, the energy component represents a limited percentage of the total cost (around 40-50% for a typical family, but varies according to the economic conditions of the various offers). The rest derives from network losses, imbalance, dispatching, transport services, general charges, system surcharges and of course taxes (to find out about them, you can consult the website of the Authority for Electricity, Gas and the Water System).

Many offers act precisely on the energy component that allow the end user to limit the costs for electricity. For example Acea Unica Acea Energia allows to maintain the same price as the EC for 24 months (and also that of the similar gas component in the case of dual fuel); e-light Enel Energia freezes the price of the energy component for one year, allowing the customer to accept or withdraw from the update contract; Green Safe Price of A2A Energia maintains the same price for the energy component for 24 months from the signing of the contract, and also uses 100% renewable sources.

to establish how much electricity costs and acting accordingly is also essential to choose between a multi-hourly or a single-hourly offer; the second, which has the same price as the energy component every day and at all hours, is particularly suitable for those who stay at home a lot or do not have precise timetables; the first, which differentiates between day, evening, night, holidays and weekdays, is instead perfect for a couple who works all day and uses electricity especially in the evening and on weekends.

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