Draining herbs, benefits and tips

Draining herbs, benefits and tips

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Thedraining herbsthey are often labeled asslimmingeven if they do not eliminate fat but help fight stagnation: sometimes girls feel fat but it is not fat that creates mass but rather a stagnation dictated bywater retention. Who is on the hunt for natural remedies to fight thewater retentioncan exploit the so-calleddraining herbs.

Draining herbs have several beneficial effects, on the one hand they stimulate the kidneys making moredrytissues eliminate liquids reducing the risk ofcellulite and drain the acid waste and nitrogen residues responsible for the loss of skin tone and swelling.


List of Draining herbs

Goldenrod, nettle, chamomile and birch
A mixture composed in equal parts of birch, chamomile, nettle and goldenrod, can be very useful for promoting the elimination of soft cellulite. The mixture can be prepared at home, starting from naturally dried herbs, or prepared by your trusted herbalist. It is prepared by placing the mixture in a teacup and boiling for 10 minutes. It is filtered and drunk in the morning. This treatment natural anti-cellulite it can last up to a month. This treatment can be associated with the use of sludge, take a look at the guide article "Do-it-yourself anti-cellulite mud

Watercress is adraining grassvery effective. Those who love "green juices " can prepare a good centrifuged watercress: rich in iodine and vitamins. Watercress can be added to salads or centrifuges by drinking a small glass before lunch. In the herbalist's shop you can buy ready-made juice but those who have a vegetable garden can prepare it themselves starting from cultivation!


It is particularly suitable for those suffering from heavy legs. It is a'draining grasscapable of expelling more liquids eto drystagnations that weigh down the lower limbs (thighs, legs and ankles). Dandelion leaves and flowers can be harvested in lawns and added to salads. Alternatively, drops of tincture are available in herbal medicine to be taken diluted in water.

Sage and cumin
A sage and cumin herbal tea, ingested after meals, can combat thewater retentionin a natural way, eliminating stagnation deposited on the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. Usually, an accumulation of fluids in these areas (thighs, buttocks and abdomen), indicates an excessive consumption of carbohydrates ... be careful to follow a balanced diet and the advice of an expert nutritionist is always recommended.


Diuretic herbs and draining herbal teas
A “do it yourself” draining herbal tea can help a lot, click on the link above for some recipes.

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