How to prune the Pistachio

How to prune the Pistachio

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How to prune pistachio: thepruningof thepistachiomust take into account the alternation of production to which the plant is subject. Thepistachioit produces delicious fruits appreciated all over the world since ancient times: the plant is very ancient, known for its fruits even before Christ by the Assyrians and the ancient Greeks.

Thepistachioit is a dioecious species -presents plants with only female flowers and plants with only male flowers- highly long-lived so that it can live even over 300 years! The tree is 4-5 meters high on average but can reach and exceed 8 meters. The leaves, deciduous, of a beautiful glossy green color, are composed of 3-5 oval-shaped leaves with rounded apex. The young leaves are slightly hairy (tomentose), while the mature plant has glabrous leaves.

The fruits grow in clusters, these are drupes formed by a thin outer husk of a delicate reddish-green color that covers the shell, it is inside the shell that the seed is present, thepistachiointended for consumption.

How to prune pistachio

The most common form of cultivation is the free vase, high deck, about one meter from the ground. This pruning facilitates the treatments and favors a harmonious development of the foliage.

Pistachio pruning, advice

  • It is advisable to trim the plant at a height of about one meter at the time of planting (topping stimulates the emission of future main branches).
  • In the autumn-winter following planting, the lateral branches are cut, in order to favor the development of 3-4 buds in the upper part of the stem.
  • With the plant at rest, trim the shoots that develop during the following summer and autumn-winter.

Inprune the pistachio, the first thing to do is to remember that the plant bears fruit on the wood for two years.

At the end of winter, a slight thinning of the foliage will suffice, aimed at eliminating the decayed or excessively dry branches and favoring ventilation and good lighting of the vegetation.

The exhaust vintage
Therepistachio pruningmust also take into account the accentuated phenomenon of alternation of production to which thepistachioit is subject: to have productions every two years, but more consistent, with the green pruning that takes place in the month of May-June, all the fruit buds must be removed. This is to meet the discharge year.

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