When to harvest potatoes

When to harvest potatoes

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When to harvest potatoes: harvesting period based on the variety, sowing and observation of the aerial part of the plant. New potatoes and growing times.

When to harvest potatoes?
We fromIdeeGreen.itwe got our hands dirty to find out, and we attended thepotato harvest! We decided to share our experience with you by telling you everything we have learned!

How do you know when to harvest potatoes

To understandwhenis the right time to continue with thepotato harvestit's easy, just look at the foliage of the plants.

Grow new potatoes

The new potatoes or precocious, they are excavated when the aerial part is still green, in fact it is still immature potatoes, to be consumed immediately. They have a reduced development and can be more or less small according to the harvest time.

Large, conservation potatoes

On the contrary, the largest potatoes, suitable for long-term storage, are harvested when the aerial part of the plant is completely yellowed and the tuber perfectly formed.

Those who manage a home garden can continue with thepotato harvestin a scalar way, uncovering the tubers here and there and then covering them carefully. The immature tubers must be consumed in the short term, only the potatoes when fully ripe can be kept for months and months.

When to harvest potatoessecond the Moon

Better to follow the peasant tradition and continue withpotato harvestrespecting the phases of the moon! Respect the tradition of collection and moon, in this case, it is a real recommendation.

Tradition is not based on superstitious aspects but has concrete roots: Moonlight could damage newly harvested potatoes!

Potatoes are sensitive to light, which is why they should be stored in the dark or in a shady area covered with a jute sack. Have you ever wondered why potatoes turn green? Just because of the light!

There potato harvestit takes place in the afternoon, on the third day following the full moon, therefore with a waning moon.

Other tips for harvesting potatoes

Need collect potatoesin dry weather, leaving the tubers on the ground just enough to allow them to dry completely in the open air. Only later will it be possible to store them in a dry and dark place, at a temperature around 6-10 ° in order to avoid premature germination.

When growing potatoes, sow them

Sowing can take place throughout the year depending on the climatic zones.

In the Center-North they can planting potatoes from February to June, while in the warmer areas of the South we proceed with the sowing of the potato between September and December.

How long does it take potatoes to grow

Great question! Knowing how long the potato sprouts, develops and reaches maturity, you will also know, in an indicative way, what is the "prescribed" period for the harvest.

The ripening time can change depending on the variety, the climate, the soil ... in any case, it is possible to follow general indications that include the counting of days starting from sowing potatoes.

The late varieties which see higher yields but a longer crop cycle. They are widespread especially in central-northern Italy. Generally whoever wants grow potatoes in a short time, he chooses early varieties.

The early potatoes, are harvested 100-110 days after sowing.

The semi-early potatoes, are harvested 110-120 days after sowing.

Late potatoes are harvested 130-140 days after sowing.

Growing of new potatoes

In any case, based on the harvest time, we can have new potatoes, medium-sized potatoes and storage potatoes (large, ripe potatoes).

The new potatoes, so to speak, are those smaller potatoes that can be cooked whole in the oven, without even the need to remove the skin. It is not a particular variety but ofpotatoesimmature, harvested before the plant can complete the maturation of the tuber.

The early potato takes about 65 days to develop the first ones new potatoes, the semi-early takes about 70 days to germinate and give the first new potatoes, the late one will see longer times, about 90 days always to allow you to collect new potatoes.

How to understand if they can be collected?

To know for sure if the tubers are ready, all that remains is to remove a plant from the ground and check: if by rubbing a finger vigorously on the skin it does not come off, it means that the potatoes are ready to harvest. This indication is valid only for fully ripe potatoes, the big ones!

If the collectedit does not take place gradually allowing all plants to propose tubers when fully ripe, after having "quarried " all the potatoes it will be necessary to continue with a selection: in one container the immature potatoes will go (those to be consumed immediately) and in another the tubers will go when fully ripe (those that can be kept for months).

How to store potatoes

Storing potatoes is easy. Potatoes should be stored in a shady place, even in the garden if it is a variety sown and harvested between autumn and winter. Potatoes can be kept in the garden even in summer but only after taking the necessary precautions and organizing a cool and not very bright place. For preserve the potatoes for long periods avoiding that these can germinate, on the market there is no shortage of anti-germination powder products.

The natural way to prevent potatoes from sprouting is to keep them at a temperature of around 6 - 8 ° C. Those who do not want to spare the use of specific products can perform an anti-budding treatment.

On Amazon there are several powdered products to be distributed lightly on potatoes to prevent them from being able to sprout. These anti-budding plants can also be found in the most well-supplied agricultural consortia. For all information on costs and purchases, I refer you to"This amazon page"where you can find different products.