Best Internet sticks: how to choose them

Best Internet sticks: how to choose them

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When you don't want to give up connect to the Internet even on the move, away from your computer, the ideal solution can come from keys Internet or Internet Key.

Widespread for some time, these are devices that allow surf the Internet at a reduced cost simply thanks to a small USB modem to be inserted in one of the appropriate pc ports.

It is true that today the same smartphones - thanks to the tethering function - host SIMs capable of ensuring the connection, but for those who have an old model of mobile phone or need more gigabytes of traffic, the Internet sticksremain an economical and efficient option.

Almost all the major Italian mobile phone operators offer one or more rates that include the Internet key, or provide a series of models for the purchase with advantages for those who also combine a rechargeable contract or data subscription.

Tim for example, it offers three different tariff plans: two direct offers with six months of Internet included:

  • Internet Pack Large 42.2 (which includes 5GB of traffic per month and a 42.2 3G Wi-Fi modem);
  • 4G Internet Pack (with 10 GB 4G LTE per month and 4G wi-fi modem).

The third rate plan is a subscription, All 4G Internet, from 15 GB per month with 4G key or 4G modem included. Furthermore, those who have Telecom at home doubles the GB of available traffic.

Vodafone is Tiscali now they mainly offer offers via SIM, while the operator 3 provides a large catalog of keys to be combined with its tariff plans Internet where you can find:

  • Three.Data Plus (30 GB per month);
  • Web Without Limits (15 GB per month);
  • Web 60 (60 hours of navigation per month);
  • Web Light (3 GB per month).

Also in the shop of Wind there are many types of Internet Keys, 3G and 4G, with various advantages for those who combine their purchase with the stipulation of an offer Open Internet, such as the cancellation of the activation cost.

To know the various peculiarities and choose the best Internet sticks available with Italian mobile telephone operators, you can connect to our comparator and evaluate the different promotions.

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