Nissan e-NV200 electric van, price and info

Nissan e-NV200 electric van, price and info

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We have already told you about the Nissan e-NV200, the electric van which is valid for three: van, taxi and car. TheNissan e-NV200it can be purchased including the battery or with the rental formula. Thepriceof the new electric commercial vehicle amounts to € 16,480, net of government incentives for low-emission vehicles.

Electric Van Nissan e-NV200 Price
Thepriceof theNissan electric commercial vehiclestarts at 16,480 euros, net of state incentives, to which must be added the monthly rental fee for the battery - around 70 euros for 36 months -. Alternatively, the user can choose to purchase theNissan e-NV200 electric vancomplete with batteries, paying around 25 thousand euros.

Thepricepurchase can be amortized km after km, just consider that thee-NV200 electric van,compared to an equivalent diesel model, it saves about 75 percent on fuel costs and maintenance costs are also reduced by 40 percent compared to vans with an internal combustion engine.

The main expense for those who use a fleet or a singlevanis the fuel: to travel 100 km with aelectric commercial vehicleas theNissan e-NV200just over 2 euros are enough (exactly, 2.49 euros), apricefour times lower than that expected with a fossil fuel supply. With a diesel-powered light commercial vehicle, it takes almost € 10 to travel 100km.

Maintenance costs are reduced because an electric vehicle lacks the most risky components present on vehicles with an internal combustion engine - take a look at the article "what is missing in an electric car "-, there will be no need for an oil change, nor to check the belt or replacement spark plugs.

The load compartment of theNissan e-NV200 electric vanit boasts a capacity of 4.2 cubic meters (the same load volume as the diesel model) which allows it to carry two standard euro pallets and offer 770 kg load capacity.

Drivers will benefit from a wide range of equipment that improve working conditions such as Bluetooth, automatic headlights, automatic wipers and Nissan Intelligent Key opening system. The control and management system is very interesting: the user can program the ignition of the onboard air conditioning even before entering the passenger compartment, while the vehicle is charging! This is thanks to a smartphone application that allows vehicle management and monitoring.

Nissan e-NV200 electric van with autonomy
L'autonomydeclared ofe-NV200 electric vanamounts to 163 km. Charging times are 30 minutes to go from 0 to 80% with fast charging.

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