Cherry tomato, cultivation in the garden and in pots

Cherry tomato, cultivation in the garden and in pots

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Among the tomato plants with berries most loved by Italians, the Cherry tomato, Also known as cherry. THE cherry tomatoes they are small and round, the theft is sweet and juicy with a weight between 15 and 40 grams.

Grow the cherry tomato
The Cherry tomato, if grown following small tricks, it can give abundant harvests even in the family garden. There cultivation of cherry tomatoes differs from that of the classic tomato: i cherry tomatoes they must be grown in a separate flowerbed, separated from other crops (especially separated from other varieties of tomatoes) because fertilization, irrigation and plant breeding are different from other types of tomatoes.

The Cherry tomato does not like a soil pH that is too high or low, in fact the soils must be almost neutral or not very acidic, the ideal pH goes from 6 to 6.8.

How to grow cherry tomatoes

  • Between autumn and winter, prepare the soil: dig the soil to a depth of about 25-30 cm and carry out the basic fertilization by burying 4-6 kg of manure or 3-5 kg ​​of fully mature compost per meter painting.
  • Before the commissioning of the Cherry tomato mineral fertilization will be carried out by burying 60-80 grams of mineral superphosphate-19. 40-50 grams of potassium-50 sulfate per square meter.
  • From planting, if the plants struggle to vegetate within the first 2-3 weeks, it will be necessary to administer 15 grams of calcium nitrate-15 per square meter.
  • During the cultivation nitrogen fertilizations should not be carried out.
  • Planting can begin from the end of April until the first ten days of May (in central and northern Italy). In the south it can be brought forward by a month.
  • Wait at least 3 years before growing Cherry tomato in the same bed in order to avoid the formation of diseases. Avoid growing other types of solanaceae (eggplant, pepper and potato) in the same bed.

Grow cherry tomato in pots
The cherry tomato varieties to be grown in pots are those with determined growth: dwarf cherry, pallini and lilliput. Indeterminate growth varieties (cherry, chipano, gardenberry, pepper…) are more suitable for growing in the garden.

Yellow cherry tomato
Among the different varieties of Cherry tomato we point out the gold star, a tomato with a slightly oval shape, golden yellow in color. It is a hybrid variety, interesting to grow in the home and with indeterminate growth. Due to its type of growth it is advisable to cultivate it in the ground or in a large pot with a stake.

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