Flowered terrace: how to choose plants

Flowered terrace: how to choose plants

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The first thing to have a beautiful flowered terrace is to sit down and do a nice project. It is necessary to take into account exposure to winds, solar gains, altitude from the ground (especially in the city due to the temperature and smog) and the characteristics of walls and floors. Without obviously forgetting irrigation.

Given these premises, which also apply to the flowered balcony, the second step for a flowered terrace is the choice of essences. As? With what criterion? Given the personal tastes regarding aesthetics, colors, scents, etc., for the choice of plants for the balcony and flowered terrace there are rules that can on the one hand contribute to the good result and on the other give advantages.

Whether the balcony or the flowered terrace located on the street level or on the mezzanine floor of a somewhat busy area, for example, you can choose plants that act as a barrier to smog. A hedge on the terrace creates intimacy, acts as a barrier to the noise and dust of the street and protects from the wind which, remember, is one of the main enemies of the plants on the terrace.

A hedge for the flowered terrace it can also be mixed, that is formed by evergreen plants and bushes alternating with decorative plants that bloom and with deciduous leaves. In the combination, different results can be pursued, aesthetic but also of help and protection of the plants with each other.

Excellent hedge plants for the 'protection' of flowered terrace they are for example laurel, holly, bamboo, roses, forsythia and lavender looking at the most common; but also others which are very decorative and suitable for different climates such as buddleia variabilis, aucuba japonica, abelia chinensis, acer palmatum, potentilla arbuscula. A good idea for the terrace can also be fruit trees, which, if there is enough space, can fit perfectly.

Looking inside the flowered terrace, which, as we said at the beginning, it would be better to furnish on the basis of a project made in advance, the advice we give is to go a little further than the conventional choices usually proposed by nurserymen if you want. Given that the plants must be compatible with the climatic conditions, there is a great variety of little-known botanical species, rustic (which in botany is synonymous with resistant) and also beautiful to look at.

A flowered terrace, as well as a balcony and certainly a garden, can be an opportunity to create small environments marked by biodiversity. Of course, this does not mean looking for exotic and rare species, but rather it could mean focusing on local plants of which Italy is very rich. Getting rare seeds from botanical gardens during your travels, large or small, can be fun and exciting.

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