How to sow parsley

How to sow parsley

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How to sow parsley: from the period to the varieties. All the instructions for growing parsley in pots, at home or in the garden.

The parsley, an aromatic plant widely used in the preparation of many gastronomic dishes, is a biennial herb that does not require special attention.

To always have it fresh in the kitchen, all you need is a small green space in the garden or a vase to keep on the balcony, on the terrace or more simply on the windowsill.

When to sow parsley

Parsley can be sown all year round, at home or in the open field. If sowing in pots, during the coldest periods of the year, it would be better to move the plants to a sunny position sheltered from the wind. Let's see in detail when to grow parsley.

The sowing period starts from February and lasts until August. For sowing, the important thing is that the climate is sufficiently mild, otherwise it will be preferable to sow in a protected environment; if the adult plant is more tolerant to cold, too low temperatures inhibit or slow down germination. For example, for the sowing in the open field in the north of Italy, it would be better to continue towards April on the contrary, in the south, sowing in the open field should be interrupted towards June.

It's possiblesowalso in autumn, from September to early November. Winter sowing is possible only in greenhouses or at home, with the parsley in pot.

Furthermore, the period may also change based on variety of parsleyas we will see later.

Sowing in late autumn and early winter must be carried out with adequate coverage given that parsley can tolerate winter cold only for short periods. In the period between January and February, sowing needs a sunny position sheltered from the wind.

Let's see in detail how to sow parsley, following some useful indications.

How to sow parsley

Here are all the instructions forsowing and growing parsley.

Moisten the soil and throw the seeds scattered or in rows at least 15 cm apart.

Cover the seeds with a light layer of soil of about half a centimeter.

Water every day and make sure the soil is always a little humid, but be careful not to create water stagnation, which can damage the plants. For this purpose, if the garden soil is very clayey, it would be advisable to add sand to the soil.

For sowing in the garden

Before sow parsley, dig deep into the soil with a deep dig, then rake the top layer to make the substrate softer.

For sowing in pots

For the choice of soil, prefer a type enriched with organic substances, therefore mixtures of garden soil and compost, or universal soil which in itself has a fair fertility, are fine.

To facilitate the germination of seeds

THE parsley seeds they germinate very slowly, therefore it is preferable to soak them for a whole day (just demineralized water) before planting.

Another recommendation is to always keep the sowing soil moist, attention! Moist but not wet! A good way to ensure constant and regular humidity is to spread out a jute cloth and then water through it.

If thesowingtakes place in a vase or in a planter, you can cover the vase with a transparent film for food use, which you will have to lift at least once a day to ventilate and prevent the formation of mold.

Parsley, from sowing to harvest

For the sowing made between February and early March, you can have the first harvest in the summer.

For sowing around May, parsley can be harvested in autumn.

For harvesting, the stems must be cut two or three cm above the ground, starting from the outer stems or collecting the whole head. Don't be afraid to be drastic - after cutting, the plant will produce new shoots.

Variety of parsley to be grown in pots or in the vegetable garden

There are a large number of varieties of parsley, to have higher yields, as an alternative toparsleycommon, you cangrow giant parsley, also indicated for thecultivation in pots. In the first photo above a common parsley plant is shown, while in the central photo the stems and larger leaves of the Italian giant parsley.

Less known but equally popular in the kitchen are the varieties ofcurly parsleyor root parsley. Of the parsleyin fact, the roots are also edible which, in some varieties, are particularly fleshy. The roots can be harvested in autumn and then eaten fresh or dried and stored in an airtight jar.

Growing the Giant Parsley of Italy

It is the variety with taller stems, larger and more fragrant leaves than the common parsley. This variety has a rapid growth, in fact the harvest can take place in shorter times than those described above.

To be grown in full sun or partial shade. It can be grown from February to September or, as stated, at any time of the year if grown in pots, indoors.

Giant parsley seeds are easy to find at nurseries and garden centers, they are not lacking even on Amazon where a sachet of highly germinating seeds is offered at a price of 7.48 euros with shipping costs included in the price. For all the info, I refer you to "This Page".

Cultivation of root parsley

Root parsley is just as easy tocultivate in the vegetable garden. For growing in pots you will need to choose more spacious and deeper planters. In cooking, parsley root has a delicate and refined taste. It is excellent fried or boiled with salad, a personal advice? Treat it like a potato, boil it and prepare a good cheese as well. Where to find it? It is more difficult to find in garden centers, but it is not lacking on Amazon. For all information, please refer to at "This Page“.

Cultivation of Curly Parsley

Compared to common parsley and giant parsley, it is more resistant to cold and frost. It sees shorter germination times, ten days are enough in ideal conditions. The seeds of curly parsley are easily found in garden centers and at agricultural consortia, for completeness, also in this case we report good quality seeds on Amazon. A sachet of curly parsley seeds, on Amazon, can be bought at a cost of 4 euros with shipping costs included in the price. For all the info, I refer you to "this page".

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