Electric buses are depopulated in London

Electric buses are depopulated in London

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Hybrid vehicles are now the norm among London public transport. The spread of the classicsbustwo-decker Londoners with hybrid drive dates back many years, among the best performing hybrid models are those supplied by Volvo which in 2009 served on Route 141 in London. Let's talk about the Volvo B5L Hybrid Double Deck.

Volvo hybrid buses are characterized by I-SAM technology, developed specifically to be equipped on heavy vehicles. With hybrid buses, London has cut public transport-related harmful emissions by more than 40 percent. To support the mega-fleet ofhybrid busesLondoners, gods arrivecoachwith an exclusively electric heart.


When it comes tomass transitand public transport, the electric busesrepresent the non plus ultra of environmental sustainability. In London, to begin with, ielectric busesshort runs will follow covering some internal routes of the city, after this first period oftest, the English capital will be ready to spread theelectric buseseven for longer transits.

London has been boasting for yearselectric busesand buses with fuel cells, but in this case, as reported by the authoritative voice of The Guardian UK, it is electric busesand therefore run exclusively on battery: according to the Asian manufacturer BYD Auto, thezero-emission busesthey should make a clean cut in harmful emissions and above all, they should reduce running costs by about 3/4 compared to abusdiesel.


The autonomy of these detailselectric busesit is 250 km for each full electric tank. By early 2014, London will count sevenelectric busesand by 2016, the English capital will see, in addition to the expansion of the electric fleet, a further addition of hybrid vehicles: hybrid buses in operation in London will exceed 1,700 units!

Video: London trials first all-electric buses. Energy Live News (July 2022).


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