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An alternative system of waste management to get to "zero waste": Saying" no "to incinerators and saying it seriously, with proposals and arguments, is possible. A group of Parma citizens is doing it by rolling up their sleeves and making themselves heard. Aldo Caffagnini of GCR - Corretta Waste Management, in fact - tells of his experience and the steps forward made and to be taken to improve the quality of life in his territory.

1) When was GCR born? What is your mission?

The Association Proper Waste and Resource Management (GCR) was born in 2006 with the aim of opposing the construction of a waste incinerator and to promote an alternative cold management project, without resorting to an incineration plant. The alternative proposal has been formalized both at the Municipality of Parma and at the Province of Parma and is available on our website.

2) What are your main activities in the area?

Proper Management of Waste and Resourcesdeals with correct information on waste management. It promotes evenings, conferences, meetings, events to raise awareness of positive active experiences in every part of the world, informs citizens about the risks and dangers of using an incinerator.

3) How is citizen participation?

The active nucleus of the association is made up of a few dozen people while at the time of the demonstrations, such as torchlight processions and marches, thousands of citizens participated. The segment of the population that actively participates ranges from 40 to 50 years and is very varied in terms of extraction: ranging from professionals, traders, workers, teachers.

4) What perplexities do you encounter?

The "official" information is all in favor of the incineration plant and the maintenance of this type of management. There are huge economic interests that still limit a correct reflection and evaluation of the various methods of waste management that would allow a comparative evaluation highlighting the pros and cons of the different methods. It is hard to believe that there are alternatives to the single official thought.

5) What is the proposed Zero Waste Law?

The proposal of Zero Waste Law aims to eliminate all the incentives for waste incineration that drug the market for post-use materials in Italy. The law also proposes an incentive and support for techniques with less impact on the environment such as mechanical biological treatment, the treatment of hard plastics through extrusion. In general, the law acknowledges the European indication to transform the continent into a recycling society.

6) How are you participating?

We have collected the signatures in Parma through banquets and presence at events. We were present in Rome during the preparatory and discussion meetings, we collaborated on the legal part of the drafting of the law. The collection of signatures was an opportunity to discuss and discuss the issues of waste management with citizens, also informing about the progress of the planned incinerator in Parma, now unfortunately on provisional operation.

7) Deliver the signatures what happens?

The bill follows the regular procedure. Parliament will have to face the analysis and discussion of the bill in committee and then in the Chamber. We are convinced that there will be broad support from political groups sensitive to environmental issues and that the law will come out without too many expectations and upheavals. .

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