How to organize an outdoor barbecue

How to organize an outdoor barbecue

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A Barbecueit can be an original way to celebrate with friends.Organize an outdoor barbecueit is not as simple as it seems: it will be necessary to provide for the food, the grill, the fire and the identification of a place that allows the BBQ.

Buy locally produced meats and vegetables. Consider that meats can acquire a lot of flavor if left to hang or marinate for a few days beforebarbeque. Prepare salads and various side dishes, be sure to prepare the diners' favorite dishes. Don't forget the dessert. Wanting to synthesize, fororganize an outdoor barbecueyou will need:

  • Drinks.
    To keep them fresh, contact your trusted fishmonger and ask for some ice buckets where you can deposit bottles and cans.
  • Foods.
    Better to season the vegetables at the moment, so don't forget pepper, salt, lemon and oil (better if homemade such as tomatoes, artichokes, aubergines, courgettes ...), so when enriching meats and salads, proceed with seasoning them as well. Meats can be purchased from a local farmer, preferably purchased some time beforebarbequeso as to marinate or hang them and make them tastier with spices (white wine vinegar and rosemary are perfect for white meats, for red ones it is better to prefer a stronger vinegar), lovers of the genre can bring a large provola to serve ...barbeque, as if not! Don't forget to make a dessert.
  • Accessories.
    The place chosen for thebarbequedoes it have a BBQ or PicNic area? Based on the equipment offered by the area in which thebarbeque, write a list of what you will need:
    - napkins
    - glasses
    - trays
    - tablecloth
    -containers to keep food
    - waste bags

There is no shortage of disposable items in biodegradable plastic on the market so as to lower your ecological footprintBBQ. Don't forget that not everything has to be plastic: to handle the grida large kitchen fork is required, as well as a heat-resistant tray to accommodate freshly grilled food. To start the grill fire, use an old fire cloth bag along with the charcoal. If you use one of those chemicals sold at the supermarket or alcohol, not only will you have to pay attention to the use but before cooking the food you will have to add new charcoal several times, waiting for each addition that it burns completely. The replacement of charcoal is necessary otherwise the food will taste terrible!

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