Plant parasites, useful tips

Plant parasites, useful tips

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Get rid of parasites that devastate ours plants it does not necessarily require the use of dangerous and toxic pesticides! If the parasites irreparably damage the plants, industrial pesticides still represent a real problem for the environment! So here are some natural remedies to remove the parasites and keep the air and the ground as mother nature intended.

Natural recipes cons plant parasites
The parasites that are infesting the garden are probably appreciating the fruits of our effort, the biggest problem is being able to not infest your garden with chemicals. Fortunately, mother nature comes to our aid, here is a series of natural pesticides to prepare:

  • Nettle broth. For the preparation it is sufficient to put 100 g of fresh nettles in a liter of water and leave to macerate for about 6 days. Then you can sprinkle the solution on the leaves and water the soil, diluting the content in the amount of 100ml for each liter of water. It is excellent against all kinds of parasites. As an alternative to the nettle-based solution, you can simply plant some plants, in fact nettle is among the plants that can keep many away parasites.
  • Onion broth. For the preparation it is sufficient to macerate 20-50 grams of onion skins in a liter of water for about 6 days, taking care not to cover the container. Subsequently it will be possible to water the plants or the soil, after having diluted it with more water. The solution is particularly indicated against mites and mycosis. Alternatively, you can prepare an infusion with 100 grams of chopped onion or garlic in 10 liters of water.
  • Broth of ferns. For the preparation it is necessary to put 100 g of male fern or bracken in a liter of water, leave to macerate for about 6 days, then use without diluting. The solution is indicated against scale insects, aphids and lice

Plant parasites, useful tips
Here's how to protect certain plants from pests:

  • the camellias from lice, use a solution, boiling 300 g of elderberry leaves in 300 ml of water, to filter and then spray with a vaporizer 3 times a week.
  • roses from aphids, plant chives
  • azaleas, hydrangeas and gardenias, mix a little coffee grounds with the earth.

Plants that repel pests

  • Geranium, basil, mint, wormwood, calendula, garlic, onion and pyrethrum generally repel insects
  • Sage, thyme, rosemary and peppermint drive away cabbage and slugs
  • Lavender plants and flowers keep ants away.

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