Old Fiat 500. From vintage car to electric car

Old Fiat 500. From vintage car to electric car

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Thanks to the electric retrofit kits, it is no wonder if we see one running around on the streetVintage Fiat 500tractionelectric. The Italian car manufacturer launched its own on the market just a few months agoFiat 500E, the small electric only available on the Californian market. We Italians, if we want to drive one500 electricwe have to import the car from California or adapt the cars already present on our territory.

A real gem of the sector is the retrofit of avintage carof all excellence, the old 500Fiat of the timewas "retrofitted" by various professionals in the sector, including the work of the Sergio Sanguin workshop in Torreglia, in the province of Padua, where the team of experts converted an oldVintage Fiat 500 in Electric, a video demonstration is available on this page (but also below).

As is clear, howevertransform a vintage 500in a'electric caryou must first proceed with the disassembly by removing all the components attached to the thermal traction, located both at the rear and front of the car. The petrol engine is replaced by an electric motor while the role of the tank is fulfilled by the battery. The electric motor is mounted in the engine compartment at the rear of the car and the battery pack is also positioned at the rear.

ThereVintage Fiat 500, thus converted with the components chosen by the Sergio Sanguin workshop, it can travel 100 km for about 2 euros while the electric motor is able to provide a maximum speed of 85 km / h. In addition to the conversion of the heat engine, the 500 of the timehas undergone some modernization processes: to make it more technological, Mirco Sanguin (the mechanic who carried out the retrofit) has set up a Smartphone station on the car desk.

Other features can be achieved by using different strategies and components. Just as the choice of engine affects the speed of the car, so the choice of batteries determines both its weight and range.

Similar work was carried out by the Eurozev association which obtained a Vintage Fiat 500electrified with a total mass of about 400 kg. The association has released in detail the characteristics of the chosen components:

  • Landi DC electric motor, 13kW, 96 Volts separate excitation.
  • Lithium-polymer batteries: 96 Volts 100 Ah, for a total of about 9.6 kWh of energy
  • Phoenix 600 Ampere controller with release energy recovery capability (up to 3kW)
  • DC / DC Landi transformer (necessary to power the system at 12 volts, lights, arrows, stops and wipers)
  • Charger Zivan due 20 Ah

Video: 1968 All-Electric Mustang Fastback - Zombie 222 (July 2022).


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