Peugeot Electric Bike, compact and foldable

Peugeot Electric Bike, compact and foldable

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TherePeugeotcontinues to make its way into the world of two-wheeled pedals and presents its new one as a world previewbicycle, the AE21 Hybrid Bike. The design does not differ much from the concept bike presented some time ago by the French house. The divisionPeugeotCycles presented thebikeAE21 Hybrid on the occasion of the Paris Who's Next Show.

TherePeugeot electric bikeit is characterized by a two-tone paint where the glossy white contrasts sharply with an opaque black. The details in the same colorallure orangethey give a young and dynamic character.

L'electric Peugeotit can be recharged comfortably at home and even parked in the kitchen! Its dimensions are extremely compact, electric traction is ensured by the motor located in the front wheel while the energy storage system is well integrated into the frame. Lithium batteries can be taken out or recharged in the vehicle.

TherePeugeot Hybrid Bike electric bikeit stands out for its compactness and for a technology called Clever Case: in the central space of the frame it is possible to store the notebook bag without affecting the center of gravity of the bicycle. The center of gravity is the average position of the mass of a person, a scooter or a bicycle. It plays an important role when driving a vehicle, the center of gravity of thePeugeot bicycleit was designed not to be easily altered when driving, which is why the notebook compartment is not only comfortable from a functional but also a technical point of view. With its design, thePeugeot bicycleit is a very easy to handle vehicle. The handlebar and pedals can be folded to make the vehicle even more compact and less bulky.


Sure thereHybrid BikePeugeotit does not bring any news in the sector: it seems to be oneelectric bicyclecompact andfolding,it will certainly be appreciated by lovers of the French Lion but not by the most nostalgic! A good chunk of cyclists prefer thebicyclesconventional to those aassisted pedalingit is to these people that we dedicate the photo of the classic Peugeot nouveau style, a cult for lovers of the 70s.

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