How to make dried tomatoes

How to make dried tomatoes

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THE dry tomatoes they can be prepared in the oven, in the dryer or simply using the sunlight. If dryers and ovens involve an energy expenditure with related CO2 emissions, this is not the case when using direct sunlight exposure. For this reason we will see today how to make dried tomatoes without having to resort to energy consumption.

Dry tomatoes, the necessary
Large tomatoes of the type San Marzano, mezzo San Marzano, heart of ox or other varieties of medium-large cut
Tight mesh net
Cotton cloths
Other ingredients: lots of patience and place in the sun

Dry tomatoes, the procedure

  1. Take the tomatoes, wash them well, remove the stalk and cut them in half
  2. place the net taut in a very sunny place: it will be sufficient to fix it between two tables, stopping it with weights at the ends of the sides
  3. Arrange the chopped tomatoes on the mesh, making sure they are facing the sun with the pulp
  4. Sprinkle some salt on the tomatoes and let them dry in the sun
  5. As soon as the sun is about to set, take all the tomatoes and place them in a place sheltered from humidity, then covering them with cotton cloths: the tomatoes should never be left out, as the humidity of the evening could compromise the whole operation
  6. Place the tomatoes on the net the next morning, when the sun comes up, and then remove them as soon as the sun sets
  7. Repeat the same operation for about 15 days, the time needed to dry the tomatoes: to understand the timing it will be sufficient to check that the tomatoes have wilted.
  8. After having dried them completely in the sun, rinse the tomatoes with water to deprive them of the previously added salt
  9. Put them on dry clothes and put them in the sun to dry for a couple of hours
  10. Remove the dry tomatoes from the clothes and place them in a bowl if you decide to consume them immediately

If you decide to keep the dry tomatoes, you will have to store them and compact them in an airtight container with the addition of oil, making sure that the dry tomatoes are well impregnated and completely covered with oil


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