How to grow tulips

How to grow tulips

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How to grow tulips in pots, at home or in the garden. The complete guide to tulip cultivation: fertilizer, water, care and bulb conservation.

There cultivation of tulips does not foresee major difficulties, tulips, in fact, adapt well to different climatic conditions. Here how to grow tulips to enjoy a wonderful garden of tulips.

Tulips, flowering period

The first flowers bloom with the onset of spring, and then dry up towards the beginning of summer. THE tulips they can be planted both in open ground and in pots.

To take advantage of the entire flowering period of tulips, it might be wise to plant several varieties. In particular:

  • THEtulipssimple flowers between March and April, reaching a height of 15-30 cm.
  • THEtulipsdouble flowers from April to May and reach a height of 30 - 40 cm.

Even if thefloweringoccurs in spring, the best time to startgrow tulipsit is autumn, with the planting of the bulbs. It's possiblegrow tulips indoorsbut in this context the treatments increase.

Planting tulips, seed or bulb?

The multiplication of the plant generally takes place thanks to the bulbs which are generated underground by the flower during its growth: to collect them you have to unearth the bulbs in the autumn season.

The multiplication by seed is not recommended since there are many species of tulip sterile hybrids which consequently do not guarantee the production of fertile seeds. Both bulbs and seeds of tulip they can be purchased in nurseries or agricultural consortia.

How to plant the tulip bulb

The implantation of tulip bulbs in the ground it must be done in autumn, burying the bulbs about ten centimeters deep and at one distance one from the other, of at least 20 centimeters.

Water immediately after planting and daily for the next three or four days: it is important to keep the soil moist in the very first days of planting.

If you want grow tulips in potsor in a planter, choose a light, peat-poor and slightly basic soil.

Avoid planting in clayey and very humid soils.

Pot size for planting multiple bulbs

For the cultivation of tulips on the terrace or balcony, you have to choose a jar with a diameter of at least 15 centimeters, inside which you can plant 3 bulbs. Make sure that there is good water drainage otherwise you risk that the bulbs can rot.

How to grow tulips

After a few days we move on to the next phase, in which the irrigations must have a frequency of about twice a week. It goes to three times a week if the bulbs are placed in pots at home or in a very windy area. Irrigates without exaggerating the amount of water and making sure there is good drainage.

Once the plant has grown, keep it sheltered from the wind and well exposed to the sun: the tulip it needs a lot of light. Keep this in mind especially if you intend to grow tulips at home, choose a very bright and well exposed area to the sun.

Are you growing tulips in the garden but the bulbs are rotting?

Maybe you are giving too much water or the soil is to blame. What to do? Decrease watering, while if you already water your tulips little, try to modify the soil.

At the next planting, carry out a deep dig and, at a depth of 20 cm, add 8 cm of expanded clay that can drain away excess water. This strategy is used in the case of heavy and clayey soil.

How to fertilize tulips

From the autumn planting, the tulips will begin to develop timidly until reaching the maximum splendor with the floweringspring. Give some fertilizer during flowering and during the following four weeks: the most suitable fertilizer is the one for bulbous plants.

Fertilizers for bulbous plants are relatively easy to find: just go to a specialized garden center or to an agricultural consortium. There is no shortage of offers on Amazon, you can take a look at the prices by visiting the Amazon page dedicated tofertilizers for bulbous plants.

Note: if you already have a fertilizer for flowering plants at home, you can use that, but if you have to buy it, take a specific one that best supports thefloweringand the vegetation ofbulbsas thetulip.

If thetulip does not make flowersbut it produces leaves, probably the cause is a nutritional imbalance. Wait for the following autumn to do therepottingand in the meantime administered some fertilizer for bulbous plants in order to stimulate and support flowering.

In order not to spoil the tulip flowers

During the period of the flowering, it is advisable to keep the buds well covered with plastic sheets to protect the color of the flowers. This advice must be heard even more by those who wantgrow tulips on the balconywhere the wind threatens to ruin the shoots.

Colorful and variegated tulips

Those looking for variegated, mottled, double-petaled tulips or in new colors (purple and white tulip, black tulip, white, white and red tulip ...) can take a look at the bulbs proposed by Amazon nurseries so as to get an idea of ​​the possibilities offered by the market. For all information you can visitThis Page.

Storage of tulip bulbs

Given that: my grandmother, in southern Italy, has never felt the need to unearth the bulbs to be able to to preserve. The bulbs bloomed annually; she just unearthed them every other year for the multiplication of tulips. The bulbs, in fact, propagate spontaneously and from a single plant two are formed ... In order not to crowd the substrate too much, my grandmother, every two years, excavated to take new bulbs and plant them elsewhere (in practice she gave seedlings to anyone!).

However, all nurseries recommend removing tulip bulbs when the aerial part is completely dried out. As? In late summer, move the soil of the flower beds, recover the bulbs, brush them with a soft bristle brush so as to eliminate soil residues. Let them air for 24 hours and then store them in paper bags to be kept in a dry and cool place until the following autumn.

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