Smart bins, where are they and how do they work?

Smart bins, where are they and how do they work?

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It's called RAEE Parking and it's the smart bin intended for the collection of waste electronic. The Smart bin was developed as part of the European project IDENTIS WEE of the Life + program and was created by the Brescia-based company ID&A, its purpose is to double the collection of waste electronic.

The smart bin is intended for the collection of waste small and medium sized electronics, waste difficult to intercept and trace, for this reason too often ended up in landfills with the undifferentiated.

Which I decline is suitable for smart bin?
The dumpster is responsible for the collection of:

  • small appliances
  • mobile phones
  • energy saving light bulbs
  • televisions
  • monitor
  • fleece
  • all other electronic waste belonging to the R4 and R5 groups

For the disposal of such waste, citizens are usually forced to contact municipal administrations but with the arrival and spread of such smart bins just insert them at the collection point using a special card or tax code.

Why are they called "smart bins“?
Because the WEEE Parking are fully autonomous, they are roll-off containers with controlled delivery and access is allowed with the use of an identification card, precisely a special card or tax code. Whenever you throw a I decline in smart bin, the user must indicate the type of I decline conferred, on dumpster the rejection will weigh and censor it.

The WEEE thus collected will be tracked and managed by a central computer that conveys all the data recorded by the various smart bins scattered throughout the boot. When the dumpster will be full, the on-board computer will send an emptying request!

In Italy the distribution of the former has already started smart bins in the districts of Bologna, Castenaso, Ravenna and Lugo. Smart bins of larger dimensions will be positioned in the parking lots of the commercial areas of Ravenna, Ferrara and Rimini.

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