Top 10 ECOnomic Gift Ideas

Top 10 ECOnomic Gift Ideas

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The gift ideas they never seem to be enough! Father's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas, birthdays… it becomes increasingly difficult to find gift ideas original and within reach of your wallet! The gift ideas that respect the environment are always original! Sometimes these are unique items, made by independent artisans, so impossible to find in a shopping center.

  1. Here, find out about the street artists and artisans of your city, certainly there are those who compose works with recycled objects and sell the final product cheaply. This gift idea not only will it be very original and unique, but it will help the environment and the local economy!
  2. The classic ornamental plant can be replaced by aromatic herbs that can bring basil, mint, oregano, sage… and other flavors, always fresh in the kitchen. Thisgift idea it is undoubtedly cheap and also original! The most creative could decorate the vase themselves!
  3. Handcrafted jewelry. If it is difficult for you to find artisans, know that cheap bracelets and necklaces can be found online, made by artists and marketed by organizations that support the environment. On you can find bracelets made of natural materials such as wood and vegetable lacquers, the price fluctuates according to the model but they can also be found for 4.50 euros.
  4. Sporting goods represent agift idea undervalued. We are not talking about running shoes, tracksuits or sweatshirts, but about sports equipment. If your friend loves golf, you can give him a biodegradable stand for the ball… after all it costs only 5 euros!
  5. Gift ideas made from bamboo? Why not! With bamboo you can make practically everything: from smartphone covers to kitchen sets. Bamboo is an environmentally friendly material and if treated naturally, it also releases a pleasant smell! Crockery made of bamboo can be found on for less than 14 dollars (approximately 10 euros).
  6. What do you think of solar devices? Solar powered calculators are the cheapest, they can be found for just over 5 euros. There are also chargers, covers, backpacks and bags that integrate solar panels.
  7. A frame is agift idea rather obvious, but it can become original if made with your own hands. It would be enough to cut a cardboard in the desired sizes and decorate the edges by gluing old buttons, stones or shells. This gift idea it's more than cheap!
  8. Food is a gift that is always appreciated: make sure you buy zero km and strictly organic food. No supermarket therefore, only shops and local farmers!
  9. Girls might appreciate a set of makeup brushes made from bamboo and recycled aluminum, of course the bristles should be strictly synthetic. If the girl uses eyeshadow and powder, this gift can only make her happy! These "EcoTools earth friendly beaty " they can be found on Amazon for around 12 euros.
  10. Do you want to give a lamp? Make sure you buy a clean energy one, Ikea offers low cost models!

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