Gardens on the terrace

Gardens on the terrace

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Have you ever thought of spending part of your free time gardening on the terrace? THE gardens on the terrace they are a valid solution to embellish, embellish, improve the spaces we already have, without having to involve an architect, bureaucracy, construction sites, etc. Making a garden on the terrace it's not difficult at all, just follow some important directions to achievesmall gardens

Gardens on the terrace, the choice of plants
The choice of the is a fundamental phase and must be selected not only on the basis of personal tastes but on the available surface and the exposure of the terrace. A south-facing terrace will have to host plants capable of resisting drought and heat in summer and winter adversities, while also maintaining the aesthetic rendering of the garden such as lewisia, rodiola, hellebore, periwinkle, sedum, lavender, pulmonaria, hypericum and pachysandra.
Climbing plants can be placed in the areas most exposed to the wind, using wooden gratings as a support.
Among the aromatic plants most cultivated in gardens on the terrace, it is thyme ... ... aromatic plants, among other things, should never be missing on the terrace, also because they can always be used to season food and to relieve minor annoyances. Another terrace plant is the houseleek, a succulent plant that proudly bears the winter frost and the summer heat.
THE gardens on the terrace they can also host vegetables, such as tomatoes, or classic balcony flowering plants, such as geraniums.
After choosing the plants, it is good to arrange them so that they bloom in harmony with each other without neglecting the optical effect from the outside, since the garden created will also be visible to passers-by.

Useful information: do not buy many plants, as they will have to grow and more space will be needed.

Gardens on the terrace, useful tips

  • Watering: Water regularly and based on exposure: in summer watering must be daily. Those exposed to the sun should be watered in the evening or in the morning, in order to avoid the immediate evaporation of the water. In winter and autumn, water according to the actual needs of the plant.
  • Fertilization. Fertilize the plants at the time of planting and in spring, with a slow release fertilizer. In autumn it is advisable to make a liquid fertilizer based on phosphorus and potassium to make the plants more resistant to the cold season.
  • Maintenance. Loosen the soil to aerate the roots of the plant, adding new soil or fresh bark, to strengthen the root system of the plants. Every year it is good to remove the weeds that appear in the flower boxes, ruining the aesthetic appearance of the gardens on the terrace.

With these indications, your terrace will become a place where you can relax, garden and dine with friends.

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