Car rental: the future is electric and long-term

Car rental: the future is electric and long-term

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Long-term, eco-friendly car rental. This is the solution for companies, public administrations and for all those who care about savings and above all the good of the environment. The three founders of Green Mobility Rental, since childhood passionate about science fiction, they have translated their dream into reality with the first portal entirely dedicated to this type of service. Leonardo Cavaliere, director of Green Mobility Rental, also tells of their commitment to a "Green Route" of charging stations.

1) Why did you decide to opt for long-term rental with ecological cars?

The idea of ​​marketing electric vehicles, because this will be the future of mobility, was born in 2008, Green Mobility Rental, as a rental company, was founded in 2012 following the increase in interest from individuals and companies in "Green" vehicles. The idea of ​​focusing on this type of market originates in the passion for the ecological automotive of three friends who, since childhood, were fascinated by the first electric cars that were seen on TV, then science fiction. After university we decided to make what was initially only a dream and could be realized.

2) What is meant by "long term" and what does the rental service include?

Rent an ecological car for a long period of time, between 12 and 60 months, means saving while safeguarding the environment: it is the optimal solution for the mobility of all businesses, professionals and individuals who intend to focus attention on economic savings and respect for the environment. Our rental proposal includes RCA insurance coverage, limitation of liability for fire / theft and accidental damage to the vehicle, property tax, registration and putting on the road, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, replacement of tire trains, roadside assistance 24 hours a day and any management of used items.

3) What are the advantages of long-term ecological rental compared to purchasing or leasing?

There are many, here are a few: the single monthly fee agreed and without surprises, the "All inclusive" in the monthly fee (insurance, road tax, tire replacement, etc ...), no worries for the management of used vehicles, no capital immobilization, deductible fee from taxes. Furthermore, we must not forget that the ecological vehicle has the advantage of being able to access the ZTL areas without polluting and has the possibility of parking for free between the blue lines.

4) What types of vehicles do you offer?

The vehicles that can be rented are all ecological vehicles on the market, ranging from city cars to large SUVs, passing through comfortable and fascinating sedans.

5) What is your target?

Our target audience are companies, individuals and administrations that look to the future, safeguarding the environment, without forgetting that renting a long-term ecological car creates the perfect combination of saving and protecting the environment.

6) What perplexities or stereotypes to dispel in proposing ecological vehicles?

There are many perplexities and myths: where do I reload? How much autonomy do the electric cars? Doubts that vanish immediately if you think that the columns are varied throughout Italy. We can and should do better, though. As for autonomy, we are in a range between 150 and 180 km when on average you travel around 30 km per day, therefore more than enough autonomy. Then, not just a detail, is the saving of 1 € = 100 km.

7) What do you think is the situation of the charging stations in Italy?

The situation of the columns is discreet. Local and central administrations should believe more and implement the use of ecological vehicles. Our proposal is to create a widespread and wide network of charging points, possibly and mainly fast. Our company, in order to meet the customer's charging needs, installs the columns in the home and / or workplace. Furthermore, we are working on a project of "Green Route”.

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