Moon phases for planting flowers and garden care

Moon phases for planting flowers and garden care

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The peasant tradition respects themoon phases for planting flowers, vegetables and other vegetables. It seems that themoon phasesnot only are they able to influence the success of sowing but also the transplantation of certain plant species.

How do you recognize the moon phases?
The phases of the moon, in the countryside, are two and are defined with the terms of crescent moon and waning moon. The waning moon, or growing moon, occurs just after the full moon. The phase of the crescent moon reaches its peak precisely with the full moon. Recognizing these two phases of the moon is not difficult at all, just look at the concave part of the moon, or, as farmers teach us, the so-called "hump".

How do you recognize the waning moon or old moon?
"East hump, waning moon"
The waning or old moon occurs when the visible surface of the moon is in the waning phase. It can be recognized by the so-called "hump" of the crescent which faces east. The waning moon goes from the full moon phase to the complete extinction of the visible part.

How do you recognize the crescent or new moon?
"Hump to the west, crescent moon"
The crescent or new moon occurs when the visible surface of the moon is growing. It can be recognized by the position of the so-called "hump" of the crescent which faces west. The waxing moon is valid until the full moon phase, following which the waning moon phase will occur.

Moon phases for planting flowers
The sowing and transplanting of the flowers must be carried out with the crescent moon, as well as the planting of hedges and shrubs. In the growing moon, leafy vegetables such as parsley and other aromatic herbs should also be planted. In summary, what do you do in the garden when the moon is waxing?
-sowing seed and flowering vegetables
-sow or transplant flowering plants
-plant leafy vegetables and herbs
-collect root and fruit vegetables
- make possible split grafts
-make the potatorau of weak trees

The waning moon phase is favorable for the sowing of vegetables such as cabbage and chard. In addition, those that must delay flowering (lettuce, garlic, spinach ...) should also be sown. Green manure crops are sown or buried. The bulbs and vegetables to be preserved are collected and, if we pruned the most fragile trees on a growing moon, on a waning moon we prune the strongest and most vigorous trees. In the waning moon other jobs are also done:
- they collect i flower bulbs to keep
- fertilization of the soil
-Gem grafts
- fruit harvest
- harvest and racking of wine

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