Furnishing a kitchen, practical advice

Furnishing a kitchen, practical advice

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Our column offurniture home dwelling once again on the most lived-in domestic space of all: thekitchenFurnishing a kitchenIt is by no means an easy task, there are many factors at stake: aesthetics, personal taste, functionality, practicality and ease of cleaning. Contrary to what one might imagine, whoever has onekitchen smallwill have toto furnishpaying more attention, onekitchenlarge will, by its nature, easier to clean and less prone to mess.

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All the tips for furnishing the kitchen(highly recommended!)

Furnishing a kitchen, the table
Therekitchenis the heart of every home and when furnishing it, nothing can be left to chance, starting with the proportions of the table: the table must be chosen in consideration with the rest of the room. Excess chairs will need to be removed, the ideal number being four to six.

Furnishing a kitchen, the choice of decorative elements
The decorative elements chosen forfurnish a kitchenshould be in line with the rest of the house: if you are furnishing a house bequeathed by your grandmother, which is reminiscent of 1940, choose something classic like a porcelain teapot with glasses to be placed on a lace doily, alternatively a jar of vintage cookies might be a great choice.

A house built according to the standards of the seventies could gracefully accommodate a lava lamp, while if it is a modern construction, shell work could be fine, an abstract object up to a contemporary style. An excellent strategy could be to inform yourself about the history of your home and buy a collection of glass objects produced in the same era.

Among the decorative elements, acultit is given by fresh flowers and plants. In this context, it is possible to use hanging plants, kitchen pots or plants capable of purifying the air.

To emphasize the home atmosphere, it is possiblefurnish the kitchenwith food products: a shiny bowl with fruit, a plate of biscuits, a basket with bread, a recipe book ...

The knick-knacks can be placed in groups of three, five or seven, depending on their size. Make sure you choose them with the right color combinations.

Furnishing a kitchen, the light
Light plays a fundamental role in every room, especially in the kitchen: the environment must be particularly illuminated. Large windows and the presence of skylights will help but those who do not have natural light available will have to invest energy and money in choosing the right artificial lighting. The best choice falls on energy-saving LED lamps.

Furnishing a kitchen, plans
After the false ceilings have been installed and the ad hoc hob has been chosen for size and furnishing style, you can move on to the choice of worktops: an extra worktop can always be useful, just as they are. a series of shelves and racks.

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