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Work in the garden in May, all the advice

Work in the garden in May, all the advice

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In the month of May, both the vegetable garden and the garden are in full bloom; the first vegetables begin to sprout and the garden begins to be colored with wonderful flowers. In this period the maintenance works are also intensified with a view to new sowing, both as regards ornamental plants and vegetables. In this regard, let's see in detail the work to be done in the garden in May.

May garden work, planting in the open ground
In May it is still possible to plant the plants we have in pots in the ground. As for fruit trees and rose plants, the situation changes: they can still be planted but for these species it will be necessary to wait until next year before seeing fruits and flowers. But let's see how to proceed with the planting
Before planting a plant in the ground, dig a fairly large hole and immediately apply fertilizer, which will be covered with a layer of soil: in this way the roots will not go directly into contact with the fertilizer.
Once the plant is well positioned, compact the soil
Finally, irrigate abundantly or consistently, especially if the rains begin to run low, avoiding stagnation of water

May garden work, what to do
With temperatures starting to rise, we can finally:

  • Take out the plants kept indoors during the winter
  • Remove the protections applied to those on the outside
  • Remove weeds: it is the period in which cases of plant diseases can occur therefore it is a necessary practice. If you want to avoid the emergence of weeds, it is preferable to mulch the soil with sheets or non-woven fabric.
  • Aerate the soil
  • Regularly administer liquid fertilizer to flowering plants
  • Cut the turf, administering slow release fertilizer here too.

May garden work, irrigation
As temperatures advance, irrigation plays a fundamental role! If you have an automatic irrigation system, you should program it to activate regularly, preferably in the morning or in the evening.

May garden work, illnesses
May is the month in which the plants begin to be more exposed to attacks by parasites and fungi, so let's take care of prevention, applying preventive treatments: in the event of an attack, we must immediately take action with a specific treatment. In the garden it is good to be very cautious from this point of view, considering that the vegetables will end up on our tables.

May garden work, what to sow
In May we can sow lots of vegetables such as rocket, radicchio, spinach, tomatoes, zucchini, aubergines, peppers, but also melons and watermelons. Don't forget that there are plants that will need stakes

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