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Robotic lawnmower for small lawn care

Robotic lawnmower for small lawn care

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Call it a lawn mower or garden robot, which is perhaps more appropriate, and program it for lawn care when you need it where you need it. Even every day at the precise and established times that you decide, so as to always have a perfect turf. In fact, here we are talking about more than mowing lawn care, with an eye to the perfectionists of the green.

One caveat: if you choose a mower of this type for the lawn care, some have been presented on the market even recently, do not ask for exaggerated companies in terms of surfaces: the maximum limit is usually less than 1000 square meters because being electrically powered, with almost zero emissions, the battery does not allow you to go further.

A lawn mower for the lawn care of the drone type, the definition is correct since these devices do everything themselves, it is suitable for the needs of those who have a small lawn and want to keep it really well, but do not have all the time that requires daily care.

Normally in these lawnmowers you will find the same technology as those of larger dimensions, less power, less autonomy but as much and often greater care in the work and maintenance of the lawn. This is because they are designed to work hard in the lawn care, with millimeter adjustments of the cutting height.

The robotic lawnmowers for the lawn care they usually do not collect the cut grass, but chop it up, transforming it into a layer of fertilizer mulch. This is because, working daily, the grass to be collected is never much and is limited to the growth of the last 24 hours. In addition to returning a light layer of natural fertilizer to the lawn, the release of the chopped grass contributes to the correct soil moisture in the driest periods.

What characteristics should a good lawnmower have for lawn care? The first is certainly a good mowing system, which in the case of robots is mulching (ie the grass is not collected but shredded), but it is not enough. The autonomy and durability of the batteries are essential as well as it is important that they are low consumption. Another thing to consider is the silence, which will give you the possibility to program it even in the hours when it is forbidden to make noise.

When choosing a robotic lawnmower for the lawn care, also make sure it is equipped with a rain sensor that will make it stay or return to base if the weather conditions are no longer suitable for lawn care. Finally, make sure that it is suitable for overcoming all the slopes that it may encounter in your lawn without planting uphill

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