Remedia invents the Crucigreen

Remedia invents the Crucigreen

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Play can be an effective vehicle for environmental education, especially for children. Here because Remedia, one of the main Italian consortia for the eco-sustainable management of Technological Waste and above all of WEEE, Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment, has created Crucigreen, which helps the environment by teaching the words of sustainability.

More than a crossword puzzle, Crucigreen is a cryptogram where the game consists of searching for words defined in a set of letters. Which words? For example environment, ecosystem, energy, sustainability and others that you can discover by playing. TO Crucigreen it is played online from the Facebook page of the Remedia consortium.

Purpose of Crucigreen is, as mentioned, raising awareness and educating towards a green environmental culture, letting learning and discovering new things be accompanied by a good dose of fun.

And certainly the social side could not be missing. While playing Crucigreen, a timer counts the time taken to find all the words and the time taken to complete the game by finding all the words can be shared on Facebook.

Crucigreen it is suitable for everyone, adults and children, and is certainly an effective and fun tool to learn or rediscover words that remind us of why it is important to take care of the environment and recycle, with particular attention to the technological waste that the consortium deals with Remedia.

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