Electronic waste

Electronic waste

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THE Electronic waste I'm waste that come from technological products that are no longer functional.
Advances in technology have led to an accumulation of electronic waste, technically named WEEE waste.

Among them are identified:
Mobile Phones and Related Accessories
Domestic appliances
Vacuum cleaner and various cleaning equipment.
Refrigerators, washing machines
Stereo, walkman
Drill, welder
Electric saws
Sewing machines
Electric toys
Sports equipment with electrical or electronic components.
Hair dryers, electric toothbrushes, electric razors
Alarm clocks, wrist watches
Computers, printers, faxes
Radios, television sets
Video cameras, video recorders, video games, hi-fi recorders
Lighting equipment.

I'm Hazardous waste so you need to make a collection separate, with next disposal in order not to damage the environment.
If you want to start theelectronic device to disposal, it will be good to inquire at your Municipality about the collection points of WEEE waste.

THE WEEE they must not be thrown into the normal bins for i waste. There are specific European and national regulations that impose restrictions on collection and it disposal.
For the electronic waste there are different forms of contribution by citizens:

  • bring directly and free of charge to the centers di separate collection (Ecocentri) present on the territory;
  • deliver to the retailer at the time of purchase of an item of the same type. The retailer, starting from the date of entry into force of the Regulation, is obliged to collect the I decline.

With the correct disposal of electronic waste the risks to the environment and human health deriving from the uncontrolled dispersion of pollutants (such as chlorine fluorine carbides) and toxic substances (such as mercury) will be reduced. Another important thing is to avoid the unnecessary waste of large quantities of valuable materials, which can be reused in production processes.

Useful tips for the collection of electronic waste.
We do not disassemble the electronic rejection before discarding it, it is prohibited by the legislation and, if still functional, it could be used by those who need it such as schools, voluntary associations etc.

For companies that have to recycle large quantities of technological and electronic waste, there are special services prepared by specialized operators who are even willing to pay to receive the technological waste!

One of these companies is Remedia TSR, the company of the Remedia Group, specialized in managing all the operations necessary for correct disposal: transport, treatment, recovery and environmentally compatible disposal of Professional Waste WEEE.

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