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Water saving technologies

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Savings of water means giving a future to humanity because thewater, the blue gold that will replace black gold in the strategic resource scale, will soon be a problem. Because? Because neglecting the climatic aspects that are changing a bit everything, the world population will reach 9 billion by 2050 and 48 nations, according to scholars, will face the shortage of water by 2025.

At that point the savings of water it will become necessary, but perhaps it will be too late. Well then run for cover immediately, first of all becoming aware of the problem and then implementing the improvements. The only way to better manage aqueducts and water networks, whose losses represent a significant component of the global water problem, is to monitor and optimize their operation. The technologies to do this exist.

One aspect too overlooked is that the savings of water it is also an effective health prevention. Diseases related towater unhealthy or lack ofwater they cause 3 million and 575 thousand deaths every year. In the United States, for example, suboptimal water treatment causes up to 16 million diseases a year and over 22% of the water treated and distributed goes to waste.

And in Italy? In our country, the data relating to failure savings of water that is, the dispersion of water networks exceeds 32%, equal to about 120 liters per person lost every day. The greatest grid inefficiencies are in Puglia and Sardinia, with losses of over 40% (source ISTAT). The figure should make us reflect because, for survival on the planet, industrialized countries have to face with commitment the inefficiencies related to water management.

Technologies for the monitoring and management of water networks and for savings of water are for example those of GE IP, a company that develops solutions for the so-called 'visibility' in water systems and gas pipelines. The information collected through the monitoring system allows you to improve the productivity and consistency of processes, maintenance costs and allow you to make smarter decisions regarding water management.

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