Bearded Collie: breeding and price

Bearded Collie: breeding and price

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Bearded Collie means Bearded Collie, very hipster these days but is a canine of ancient and British origin, also recognized by the FCI and included in the category of shepherd dogs and cattlemen. Let's see what he's hiding from us: behind this nice tramp, there seems to be an equally nice dog.

Bearded Collie: origins

It is said that the Bearded Collie was already present in the Romanesque era even if there is a lack of evidence, the same applies to its ancestors which could be the same ones from which races such as "Bobtail", The" Brianrd ", the"Bergamasco Shepherd”, The“ Pumi ”and the“ Puli ”in Hungary. The Bearded Collie has always been involved in the management of the herds of cattle, was the only one responsible for the movement, and to introduce it in Europe were the Magyars, a people who settled in today's Hungary, coming from northern Asia.

Once on the continent the ancestor of Bearded Collie in the hands of the shepherds it was crossed with Scottish shepherds, who thus created the Highland Collie. The first Club dei Bearded Collie was established in Edinburgh in 1912, during the First World War like other similar it had a sharp decline in diffusion but then recovered and from 1950 onwards it has only found success so much that since 1970 this breed has gone beyond the borders of Europe also reaching the USA. But already in 1964 the Bearded Collie it is official breed with its definitive standard.

Bearded Collie: characteristics

At the withers it measures just over 50 cm and weighs very little in relation to this: a lot of hair Bearded Collie, for the rest are 18-27 kg of dog. It has a long, low and non-twisted tail, medium sized ears and hanging down the head which is proportionate to the size.

Il is a dog of robust constitution Bearded Collie and presents itself with a very charming and typical expression, recognizable and that cannot but tear a smile. The eyes are the color of the coat, coordinated, large and distant, sweet and affectionate, his movements are loose, his stride is casual.

The main feature of the Bearded Collie however, it is unquestionably his hair, very long, even on the muzzle where it forms a sort of beard and long mustache. The colors allowed for this breed are slate gray, fawn, black and blue, all shades of gray, maroon and sand, with or without spots. To the touch the coat is flat, coarse, strong and bristly, of non-fluffy texture, not ringlets. Equipped with an important undercoat, soft and dense.

Bearded Collie: character

Sweet as the look shows: the eyes of Bearded Collie they don't lie at all. It is a dog suitable for all ages, affectionate with all members of the family and even with other dogs if you have any. He does not show aggressive but always ready to run and play with young people even if he has a side calm, cuddly and patient for adults and seniors who welcome it.

Although now more than a shepherd dog he is a apartment dog, the Bearded Collie remain with the spirit of a flock coordinator, sociable, active and lively, very attentive, generous. He is also a fearsome keeper of the property.

Bearded Collie: breeding

The Bearded Collie despite being of a wonderful character and aesthetically very particular. I like his funny but intelligent air, many can scare the care of the hair, for example. Besides the Bearded Collie he is also an easy dog ​​to train: he obeys all family members and accepts other dogs without problems.

Thanks to his peaceful character and his fine intelligence, he can easily adapt to any situation: the important thing is that he feels loved and desired. In general the Bearded Collie it is suitable for companionship and activities such as Agility Dog and Sheepdog while it is not recommended for those looking for a defense dog or a watchdog, or to do Fly ball, Freestyle or Obedience.

Bearded Collie: puppy

The puppies of Bearded Collie one can imagine that they are a soft and tame ball of fur, but we must not let ourselves be too softened without imposing ourselves in manipulating it. Yes, he won't love being combed straight away, the Bearded Collie, but if he doesn't get used to it as a child, it's a problem. You will have a perennially ruffled dog, with damage to hygiene and health as well.

It is therefore important to get used to yours Bearded Collie from a puppy to being brushed even in the most critical areas where knots can form such as behind the ears, on the legs and on the belly. A coat like hers is often prey to parasites, better one more brush stroke and one less medicine or shorn then.

Bearded Collie: price

Difficult to spend less than 500 euros for one bearded collie puppy, but in general you get by with less than One thousand Euro. It means with all the papers in order, pedigrees, exams and various documents. Once in our arms, if kept well, especially as regards its beautiful coat, the Bearded Collie it is not a pretentious or expensive dog, in eating as in caring. Nor in particular needs that a gentle and gentle dog like him does not have.

Bearded Collie: Dogs of similar breeds

Looking at the origins, and its very name, the Bearded Collie finds similarity in other shepherd dogs such as the Pyrenean Shepherd and the Caucasian Shepherd. All a hair important but not like hers: her tuft, often tamed with clips, is unique.

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