Christmas gifts for dogs

Christmas gifts for dogs

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Christmas gifts for dogs, it is impossible not to give in to the temptation to show up on December 25th with a small package with a bow for our 4-legged friend. There are now a thousand and one thousand gadgets that are proposed for Christmas gifts for dogs. For all tastes. And if we already have a dog and don't want to adopt one to build up our gang, let's allow ourselves to buy a couple of Christmas gifts for dogs. Okay, but let's do it with some sense.

Like good dog owners, balanced, we will keep on useful objects, certainly beautiful, but that our dog can use seriously. The trappings and trash trimmings that treat the dog like a toy, I let you choose them for yourself.

Christmas gifts for dogs: leash

Let's start with an idea for aChristmas gift for dogs with a green touch: the LED. There is a shoulder belt for medium and large dogs equipped with bright leash. And it lights up with LEDs. There is yellow, but also pink and blue, if desired.

I am for yellow, neutral and even more effective, if we want to see the advantage of visibility on the road. IS nylon, with LED and is among the Christmas gifts for large or medium dogs, you will not lose sight of them. The batteries last approximately 60-80 hours and can be replaced. You can buy it online for less than 7 Euros.

Christmas gifts for dogs: bowl

Not just any bowls, because utility is fine, but if we are talking about Christmas gifts for dogs there must be a special touch. And here is that of Alessi which is special in design and has that simplicity that even a little naive or rustic puppy can grasp.

Therefore, among the Christmas gifts for dogs, here is Lulà la dog bowl with lid in thermoplastic resin. The cup is in 18/10 stainless steel mirror polished, with a capacity of 60 CL and a diameter of 22.7 cm.

Christmas gifts for dogs for traveling

Between Christmas gifts for dogs not too big, there must also be a pet carrier. So our friends can understand how it is true that we always want them with us. Here is a folding model carrier with also a shoulder strap. The measures are 40x28x33 cm and it is made to be carried in the hand, on the shoulders, in short, for an “agile” dog, certainly not for one of those Great Danes or Saint Bernard dogs.

I personally don't like seeing too many pet carriers around, if used without reason or to force the dog to come even in places where he does not want to, but it is also true that if used with the consent of our friend, the dog carrier can be among the Christmas gifts for smarter dogs. For us, masters, but also for some friend who has a dog and who every year in August asks for our loan to go on vacation. If desired, the same object can be used also for cats and small rodents: a 100% amortized expense. You can buy it online on Amazon for 28 Euros.

Christmas gifts for dogs: game

The game cannot fail to be the subject of Christmas gifts for dogs, indeed, there would be a separate dedicated section to be written. I hold back, for now, and give only a nice idea that intrigued me. Between Christmas gifts for dogs is what I would like to see the my Bernese shepherd.

It's a play ball for dogs to be filled with food. It is shaped like a monster and quite large in size. I am convinced that even for our friends it is between your favorite dog Christmas gifts, without a doubt for the sweet tooth.

Christmas gifts for dogs: dog bed

Don't think of a simple kennel but a real residence: if we talk about Christmas gifts for dogs let's go big and here is a wooden dog house, measuring 103 x 83 x 97 cm. The structure is easy to clean thanks to the removable bottom, there are integrated windows for better ventilation and a canopy.

All in fir wood with some metal parts. It is among the most enviable Christmas gifts for dogs, reminiscent of the tree house that we all dreamed of as children.

After this brief and pragmatic excursus by Christmas gifts for dogs, I withdraw everything I said. Or rather, I rectify. The first of all Christmas gifts for dogs, the first, "sine qua non" do not think of getting by to pass for good masters, it is time. Give him time: a walk, an afternoon in the gardens, a trip.

He is lazy? Are you lazy? Is it winter and cold? Then go for a movie to watch with our friend next to us or at our feet, until spring, it's an acceptable compromise. But before you think about the Christmas gifts for dogs, let's never make them feel invisible. When we come back in a hurry, when we go out that "oh my God I'm late", they are always there, and just a quick gesture towards them makes it clear that they are important to us. And I'm the best of Christmas gifts for dogs, oops, for dog owners.

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