Install an air conditioner with or without outdoor unit

Install an air conditioner with or without outdoor unit

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Install an air conditioner with or without outdoor unit: the instructions for assembling theair conditioner with outdoor unitand tips for installing the air conditioner without outdoor unit.

THEair conditioners with external unitthey are efficient enough to cool the house in summer and, under certain conditions, also provide heating in winter.Install an air conditionerwith external drive is not a very difficult task. If to install an air conditioner without an outdoor unit it would be enough to provide the ventilation hole and any connection to the water supply, forair conditioning with outdoor unitthe plot thickens but nothing that cannot be solved with a good practice ofdo-it-yourself.

Install an air conditioner without an outdoor unit

As anticipated, theinstalling an air conditioner without an outdoor unitit's very simple. The user will only have to mount the split without an external unit on the chosen wall but only after having obtained at least one air intake. The hole (or the holes: sometimes, some air conditioner models without an external unit require two) will have to go through the masonry and face outwards to be protected by very tight mesh grids.

Mount an outdoor unit condition

For themounting the air conditioner with outdoor unit, the machine requires connection pipes capable of interconnecting the internal split with the outdoor unit. This operation is very complicated in the historical centers and NOTcan be achieved with thedo-it-yourselfin the case of high dwellings. We recommend theDIY installation of the air conditioneronly for residences on the ground floor.

Forto installindependently theair conditioner with outdoor unit, in houses on the ground floor, you will need to have a particular assembly kit. It is advisable to purchase the assembly kit at the same time as the purchase of theconditionerso as to be sure about the compatibility (even if by now, most of the kits on the market are universal) by letting the dealer advise you.

You don't need to have special skills forinstall an air conditioner with outdoor unit, a little manual skill will sufficedo-it-yourselfso as to correctly build your own cooling and heating system.

The assembly kits contain everything you need to complete the installation.

What do you need for installation?

In addition to the outdoor unit and the internal split (wall split), there are the connection pipes and the plate for fixing the same internal split to the wall.

For assembly you will have to handle spiral steel pipes, do not be fooled by the word "steel", these pipes can be bent without damage even with bare hands, you will not need any technical equipment.


By installing the indoor unit close to aperimeter wallyou will only need to drill one hole in the wall and you will not have to make complex connections. The installation, therefore, will be similar to what was seen for theair conditioner without outdoor unit.

Instructions for installing an air conditioner with outdoor unit

  1. First, you will need to mount the plate on the wall and then fix the indoor unit of your air conditioner. Using the drill, drill a 60 mm hole and pass the pipes and the electric cable.
  2. The ends of the two pipes are screwed onto the two quick couplings on the indoor unit and locked with watertight tightening.
  3. At this point you can also connect the condensate drain pipe by inserting it into the appropriate connection that comes out of the indoor unit.
  4. Finally, you can hook the indoor unit onto the plate, suspending it by interlocking. In order not to have the pipes in sight, the hole must be made behind the indoor unit or well hidden in another point of the wall.
  5. After connecting the pipes to the indoor unit and hooking the split to the wall, you can connect them to the outdoor unit and open the refrigerant fluid circuit already contained in the outdoor unit. The refrigerant fluid circuit must be opened with an Allen key.
  6. The purchase package will include a multipolar cable to be connected to the indoor unit and to the terminal block of the outdoor unit respecting the colors of the conductors.

The choice of the installation kit must be made based on the distance between the indoor unit and the outdoor unit: the farther the two units will be, the longer the interconnection pipes must be. If the indoor unit is installed on a perimeter wall, you only need to drill a wall without complex connections. To get an idea of ​​the contents and price of the assembly kit, please refer to the Amazon page: Air conditioner assembly kit.

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