Belgian Shepherd Malinois

Belgian Shepherd Malinois

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Belgian Shepherd Malinois. A guard dog but also a companion dog that is not bad at all from an athletic and sporting point of view. It obviously arrives from Belgium and its international name is Belgian Shepherd Dog, is a generous dog and with his less famous colleagues (Groenendael, Laekenois, Tervueren) he shares many characteristics. As a breed, the Belgian Shepherd Malinois is recognized by the FCI in section 1.

Belgian Shepherd Malinois: history

The Belgian Shepherd Malinois, also known as Malinois or Mechelaar, it takes its name from the ancient city of Malines, in the province of Antwerp. This dog is a variety of short-haired Belgian Shepherd and includes among its ancestors the Central European Shepherd and the german shepherd same.

Centuries ago the Belgian Shepherd Malinois populated the pastures of northern Europe but the first official selection began in the Veterinary School of Cureghen in Belgium, until, on 29 September 1891, the first historical Club du Chien de Berger Belgee.

Less than three years and here, on March 20, 1894, the first breed standard. This reference standard for the Belgian Shepherd Malinois, was the starting point for various disagreements between breeders, but also for good agreements that produced the defined standard of Belgian Shepherd Malinois in 2001. Every past and ongoing diatribe and discussion concerns the hair, its color and its appearance.

Belgian Shepherd Malinois: appearance

At the withers the Belgian Shepherd Malinois measuring over 60 cm, it is not a small dog but its structure is always balanced and harmonious. The tail is well placed, medium long, tapering to the tip.

As for the much discussed hair color of the Belgian Shepherd Malinois, the only color allowed is fawn with black mask. For the rest, the coat is very short on the head, on the outside of the ears and on the limbs.

The eyes of the Belgian Shepherd Malinois they are somewhat almond-shaped and dark in color, the ears, triangular, have a regular and somewhat shell-like shape. The physicist of the Belgian Shepherd Malinois highlights the "rustic" origin of this breed which is characterized by elegance and strength. There are 4 varieties that differ only in the color of the coat and in the quality of the coat.

Belgian Shepherd Malinois: character

By nature, of course, the Belgian Shepherd Malinois it is a docile and versatile dog, it adapts to cover the most varied roles. He can act as a guard and defense dog, grinding his teeth, and then become patient and reliable as a guide for the blind.

The Belgian Shepherd Malinois it is also used as a catastrophe and avalanche dog but especially today, in Italy, it is yet another companion dog and, as the name suggests, a shepherd dog. The Belgian Shepherd Malinois it is a vigilant and active dog, full of vitality, always ready for action. He is a confident type, or so he appears, but he is not gratuitously aggressive.

Belgian Shepherd Malinois: care

No particular care for the our Belgian Shepherd Malinois which confirms the simple and practical origins with few whims whatsoever. As for nutrition, it is recommended for the Belgian Shepherd Malinois a balanced diet that usually does not require any supplements, especially calcium salts.

Even the coat, of whatever color it is, does not need special treatment: it is short and fits in place on its own. As for training, however, the demands are greater. More than requests, they are advice, knowing the nature of the dog. The Belgian Shepherd Malinois he needs someone who knows how to impose himself on his side as the undisputed pack leader.

Even a training course could help us, but do not miss the opportunity as soon as possible to show the Belgian Shepherd Malinois who commands in the family: us, the pack leader.

Belgian Shepherd Malinois: price

A puppy of Belgian Shepherd Malinois usually it costs at least 500 euros, but it is a breed that is spreading more and more so its "price" can vary. Today the Belgian Shepherd Malinois it is happily used for Agility Dog moments and also counts samples for Fly ball, Free Style, Obedience.

Even the Civil Protection and the American Police use it to confirm that the Belgian Shepherd Malinois he is not alone multitasking but it does things well. And it also keeps a lot of company to those who see above all the human side.

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