Bombay cat: price and breeding

Bombay cat: price and breeding

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Bombay cat, a miniature panther that roams our salon. Do you want to experience this jungle feeling in the city? Then take a Bombay cat, it is a breed of American origin resulting from the cross between the American shorthair cat and the Burmese cat.

The Bombay cat it is completely black with yellow eyes, lives on average 15 years, maximum 20, and is very attached and loyal to the family. It is also a bit greedy and almost never meows.

Bombay cat: character

In the face of the panther who gives the impression of being, the Bombay cat he has all the potential to be adored and perfect pet. Among other things, he is also naive and does not have much survival instinct, he is a homely type and it is better this way, he does not have the makings of an adventurer.

The Bombay cat he has an intelligent character and an affectionate nature, he loves being in company and the family becomes his family. Not in a possessive but affective sense: he attaches himself very much to human beings, he seeks their attention absently.

As for the relationship between the Bombay cat and other animals, does not like the company of other cats very much, tolerates the presence of a dog more. Instead this feline loves children who indulge his spontaneous gift for playing.

Lazy and sociable, Bombay cat he does not want to be disturbed by too loud noises that make him anxious, indeed, he himself does not make confusion, he almost never meows, only to protest if he is left in the house alone for a long time: he hates it. At most the Bombay cat purrs.

Bombay cat: appearance

The bigger the male, up to 5 kg, less the female, but the Bombay cat is an animal of medium size and robust constitution. At least 2 kg. The body is muscular, elongated, massive, supported by legs with black pads. The limbs are long and end in small paws.

The head is round in shape, plump and large, with the short muzzle and black nose. Above, two well-spaced and round eyes stand out too, of a wonderful yellow color. They can also be dark copper colored and spaced apart. The ears of the Bombay cat they are of medium size and stretched forward, rounded at the tips, broad at the base.

The tail is medium - long, the hair is instead short and very shiny, without any undercoat. At birth the color of Bombay cat it is clear, surprisingly, knowing that then, trust me, the coat gradually gets darker until it reaches intense black.

In the litters of Bombay cat kittens similar to the Burmese or with other shades, there may be a slight rust tinge which then disappears as the age advances. The Bombay cat instead he advances with a soft step and with that sway typical of big cats.

Bombay cat: nutrition and care

This Bombay cat is an animal known for its persistent appetite which can lead to diabetes. It is good to know this in order to be careful and keep it on the spot. Her supply a fortiori it must be balanced, based not only on meat but also on vegetables.

Of course he prefers meat, but we must impose ourselves because he doesn't move much, like a cat, so he has to ingest a right caloric intake that doesn't make them become a Bombay cat "bomb".

As for hygiene, it is necessary to brush it all over the body from time to time with a soft cloth or a light horsehair brush and check that ear cleaning is adequate.

Bombay cat: origin

The name of Bombay cat recalls India but is not native to that place. India has a leopard which looks a lot like our friend black cat so it's inspired by him. A nickname of the Bombay cat is "living room panther ".

This breed was born in the United States: since 1958 a Kentucky breeder, Nikki Horner, made a series of clever crossbreeds of Burmese sable and short-haired American with black fur and copper eyes. The goal, I would say achieved, was to produce a sort of "panther in miniature ".

Bombay cat: breeding

The Bombay cat it is the result of a very intense breeding program put in place between 1966 and 1972 by its creator, Nikki Horner. Over 100 copies came out which he gave away, gave away, sold, but somehow managed to make known.

Horner did participate on Bombay cat also at numerous cat shows and exhibitions, at many important annual shows, and in 1970 finally recognition. Of his stubbornness and constancy he also loves the breed itself, during a demonstration near Niagara Falls. The approval of the new breed of Bombay cat was unanimously approved.

Today there are many farms of Bombay cat in the countries of Asia and the United States, in Europe it is mainly bred in the United Kingdom and is very rare in Italy.

Bombay cat: price

Perhaps also due to its not widespread diffusion, but in Italy the price of Bombay cat is around a thousand euros. There are pleasant specimens, even half of this price, but without the guarantees that I recommend to expect. The pedigree, documents, vaccines, first of all. And a health check before the sale.

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