How to sow a turf

How to sow a turf

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How to sow a turf: instructions for sowing a turf according to your needs. On this page we will see how to sow a lawn for sports and games, a rustic and versatile lawn or aim for aesthetics with English lawn cultivation.

The choice of the type ofturfto sow depends on the use you will make of it but also on the environmental characteristics. Will the turf arise in full sun or in the shade? In case of little sun and humid areas you can cultivate the so-called "shadow lawn", in the case of highly sunny areas you can aim for rustic varieties or resistant to full sun exposure (Mediterranean lawn).

Before providing the sowing of the turf you will have to prepare the "seedbed" and lay the foundations for your future lawn:

  1. Eliminate any existing vegetation. If the land has been vacant for a long time, administer a herbicide that will allow you to plant after 3 weeks.
    A more sustainable alternative consists of natural thermal or chemical weeding, for further information:DIY herbicide for the lawn.
  2. Fertilize the seedbed with a suitable product according to the season (maintenance fertilizer if you are in autumn, sowing fertilizer if you are in spring).
  3. You can change the hardness of the soil by adding peat and sand in the case of compact or clayey soil or peat and silt in the case of light and sandy soil.

If the soil you intend to use for thesowing of the turf it has never been cultivated or has been neglected for a long time, you can find my information in the guide article very useful:how to make soil fertile.

Preparing the ground forsow a turfmust be completed with a light digging to be carried out one week beforesowing. One week before sow the lawn you will have to:

  1. Dig 20 cm deep, to speed up the work you can use a small rotary tiller. Manual digging can be done with a vanca or a fork.
  2. Level the soil with a rake until all the clods are broken: remember to remove debris and any roots of old plants.
  3. Level the surface as best as possible and rake by moving the first 2 - 3 cm of soil.

For a proper sowing of the turfit is important to have a good seed bed, in particular the first 2 - 3 cm of soil must be well worked, fine-grained and with a meticulous leveling. Only in this way will it be possiblesow a lawnevenly and without unevenness.

How to sow a turf

The sowing of the turf must take place as evenly as possible. The ideal would be to use a seed spreader trolley that will also be useful for you in the fertilization and soil hardness adjustment phase. A seed spreader and fertilizer spreader cart is offered on Amazon at the price of € 40.42 with free shipping.

  1. Mix the seeds in a container and distribute them on the seedbed evenly. You can distribute half the dose by moving vertically along the surface of the seedbed while the other half of the seeds can be distributed by moving horizontally along the seedbed (cross sowing).
  2. Lightly cover the seeds with less than an inch of soil. You can do this with a rake, taking care not to pile up the seeds but to transport only the soil.
  3. Pass the steamroller over the seedbed to facilitate the adhesion of the seeds to the ground (the wind could move or carry them away). For more information read the article:rolling the lawn.

Which lawn to choose?
For the choice of seeds, I suggest you read the last paragraph of my guide articleHow to sow the lawn.

Among the periodic care to be dedicated to the turf, do not forget the aeration and scarification, also in this case I invite you to read an in-depth analysis:how to aerate the lawn (ideal period, useful advice and sarification).

When to sow a turf

When to sow the lawn?
Those in the north can sow the lawn in the months of April, May or September.

If you live in the south you can sow the turf from February to May or from September to November.

There sowing of the turf it is also possible in the months of March, June, July and August but only when the weather is favorable: a particularly sunny March in the north or particularly cool summer months throughout the peninsula.

On average, 3 to 4 kg of seeds should be used for every 100 square meters of land. These are general indications, it is always advisable to read on the package what are the indications for that particular type of seed.

How to irrigate the turf

After seeing when andlike sowing a turf, let's move on to irrigation.

There are many ways to water the lawn and all irrigation systems can be installed after the growth of the turf, all but one! If you want an underground irrigation system with retractable or fixed hydrants, it will be necessary to act before planting. An underground irrigation system must be designed and installed during the seedbed preparation phase. All information on thisdo-it-yourself you can find them in my guide articleBuild an underground irrigation system.

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