Aleppo soap, uses and properties

Aleppo soap, uses and properties

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Aleppo soap: ingredients, production, uses and properties for skin and hair care. Aleppo soap appears to be an effective natural remedy for acne, irritated skin and blackheads. Its uses are numerous, so much so that this soap is indispensable from early childhood for baby baths.

TheAleppo soapis originally from al-Shahbā, the city in northern Syria known as Aleppo and nicknamedThe capital of the North. It was exported to Europe following the Crusades and since then, even the Western world can no longer do without its beneficial properties.

Aleppo soap, 100% natural ingredients

TheAleppo soapit is a natural soap par excellence. On the in-depth page dedicated to "Aleppo soap"we have described the production process in detail.

The ingredients required by the recipe ofAleppo soapI'm:

  • olive oil
  • bay leaf oil
  • water
  • lye

To determine the price, properties and quality of theAleppo soapit is precisely the quantity of laurel oil used. In commerce it is possible to findAleppo soapwith laurel oil concentrations ranging from 2% to 30% up to 40 - 70% in the most valuable versions. The higher the percentage of laurel oil, the higher the cost of the Aleppo soap. Today it is really difficult to find Aleppo soap produced with hot process. The introduction of the cold production process was also a turning point in the crafts sector, and liquid forms have also spread. Most of Aleppo soap that we find on the market is enriched with herbs and essential oils. You might be interested in:how to make soap at home.

Aleppo soap, uses and properties

Theusesof the Aleppo soapthey are very numerous. It can be used, on a daily basis, for personal skin and hair hygiene (as a shampoo). It can assist the effect of masks or scrubs and when the percentage of laurel is high it can be used as a shaving cream.

The Aleppo soap protects and respects the natural balance of the skin, it is extremely delicate so that it can be used with a light heart even by those with sensitive skin and for bathing children and babies.

To make theAleppo soapsuitable for various uses are hisproperty. It has a soothing effect therefore it is effective against the burning of insect bites, it is used to soothe a large amount of skin disorders such as contact allergies, irritated skin, eczema, psoriasis, acne, herpes, red skin ... It is a good remedy also natural for hair care, theAleppo soapit would seem to be useful in preventing hair loss and would be able to counteract hair loss.

Warning! Aleppo soap and acne

If you are looking for a natural remedy for acne, you can consider using the sulfur soap, much more effective in this case but not suitable for those with dry skin.

As stated, many of theproperties of Aleppo soapthey depend on laurel oil. Bay leaf oil has antibiotic, anti-fungal properties and is an excellent cleanser as well as an anti-itch agent. Many compounds extracted from theLaurus Nobilis(the laurel plant) have recently been classified as inhibitors of tumor cell proliferation in case of melanoma (skin cancer). Olive oil, another constituent ingredient ofAleppo soap, has always been known for its healing and beneficial properties: it deeply moisturizes the skin and gives a note of softness, it manages to regenerate the skin by carrying out an emollient action. Unlike many soaps, theAleppo soapcan float in water!

Liquid Aleppo soap

The Aleppo soap it is by definition a solid and hard tablet. On the market there is a liquid version that bears the name of Aleppo soap because it can boast the same benefits associated with laurel oil. The liquid formulation is more convenient to use but its production and the ingredients used are completely different from those foreseen in the traditional production process of Aleppo soap.

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