Border Collie: character, training and price

Border Collie: character, training and price

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Border Collieyes, it's him, the one from many scenes on TV, from a well-known advertisement, he is black and white, but the color spot, that of the Turbo TV series. And it is always a Border Collie, Jean the Dog, canine star of the cinema also famous with the name “The Vitagraph Dog”. All this notoriety exposed to the spotlight for a breed that was instead officially recognized by the dog community very late. Only in 1976, included in the group of shepherd dogs from English Kennel Club.

The Border Collie it owes its nine to its place of origin, but not literally: being born in a land between Scotland and England, they thought it best to call it "border": in English, Border, in fact. The "Collie" of Border Collie instead it could be from "coleius" (faithful, in Welsh) or from "coley" (black) but there is the third way: Collie from "colley", a Scottish sheep.

Who knows what would prefer the Border Collie, whether to be flanked by a sheep or labeled as black or faithful, no one has asked him, the doubt remains but this dog does not seem to care. We will see that his character is serene.

Border Collie: origins

There is a legend about the origins of Border Collie, it could be true but it is not verified at the moment: this dog is said to be a descendant of reindeer herding dogs that arrived in Scotland with the invasion of the Vikings and then crossed with native sheepdogs, the Shepherds of Valée. The current aspect of the Border Collie it would be the result of a centuries-old selection made with care to obtain a dog suitable exclusively for guiding and protecting herds.

They succeeded because the Border Collie he soon became a perfect assistant to the shepherd, the dog most used for this job. A dog with this talent could only become popular during the period of the boom in wool production, in the thirteenth century. He then remained known for being great resistance and the good physical constitution flaunted at the time. Even today the Border Collie is more and more widespread, as a companion dog, however, more than anything else, and also thanks to its TV extras more than for its skills in taking care of and watching over sheep.

Border Collie: appearance

Athletic, harmonious and proportionate, the physique of Border Collie it is much appreciated and is among the "bellocci" of medium size. The male weighs about 20 kg, the female a little less, and the height is about 50 cm at the withers. The appearance of this breed is nice and charming, he looks light-hearted but not clumsy, with his hairy tail and his nose black and trimmed in turn with fur.

The eyes of the Border Collie they are well spaced, oval, medium in size and brown in color, their ears are erect or semi erect, they give them that slightly comical, slightly saucy air, whatever their age. The most common version of Border Collie it is black-white but all colors are allowed. Its hair is medium-long or long, always dense, soft and dense, the color variations are spoiled for choice.

Here they are: in addition to black-white, brown-white, blue, blue tricolor, blue merle and blue merle tricolor, lilac, lilac tricolor, lilac merle and lilac merle tricolor, sable, sable tricolor, sable merle and sable merle tricolor, black saddleback tricolor, seal, seal tricolor, seal merle and seal merle tricolor, chocolate, chocolate tricolor, chocolate merle and chocolate merle tricolor, red, tricolor red, red merle, red merle tricolor, brindle, tricolor. Undecided? I do, but perhaps the "classic" Border Collie black and white is what convinces me the most.

Border Collie Blue Merle

But I am also tempted by this Border Collie Blue Merle. It's a Border Collie like all the others, with a nice hairy tail, soft and with a big head and cheeks little marked, but big blue eyes. Or, even more particularly, it has only one blue eye, and the other brown. I imagine it and I already see it by my side, I wonder why they have not chosen this version of Border Collie for the cinema.

Border Collie: breeding

If well kept and bred the Border Collie reaches 15 years of age and does not need special care. The hair, so beautiful, contrary to what one might believe does not need too many treatments: regular brushes more frequent during the moulting period. It is a very manageable dog but it needs to spend a lot of time with its owner and to be involved often, on a daily basis, with various games.

As for nutrition, the Border Collie it has a good mouth, it does not twist its nose, a quality dry food to be seasoned with corn oil is fine. Naturally for the hair which is his greatest pride.

Border Collie: training

Learn this dog fast, a lot. But we must speak clearly to him, because he often runs into misunderstandings. Two American researchers specializing in behavioral psychology (John Pilley and Alliston Reid) have shown how a young female specimen of Border Collie managed to learn 1,022 words over three years. It is said to have a brain mass equal to that of a 2-year-old child, it is certainly used for many activities, it seems particularly gifted foragility but also practice freestyle and dog dance.

Border Collie: character

Playful but serene, the Border Collie however, he is a bit spiteful if he is not tired or entertained. It is therefore a breed to devote time and energy to, very suitable for making a child's best friend, as it is so intelligent and good. The Border Collie is also used for blind and even by the police, as well as for defense.

It is also a walking dog, albeit lively, because it is very elegant. He loves swimming and playing and is considered the smartest dog in the world. Having been born to lead a flock the Border Collie he certainly has energy and a spirit of enterprise, he is serious and decisive when he has to lead a group. Of sheep and people, he cares little.

Border Collie: health

The Border Collie is a breed that needs a lot of attention from the food point of view to stay healthy. Life expectancy is about 12-14 years.

The diseases to which the Border Collie can be predisposed includeocular anomaly of the collie and theatrophy of the retina which can lead your dog to blindness. A visit with a veterinary eye doctor or genetic test can usually detect these problems.

Another health problem of the Border Collie is the torsion of the stomach: to avoid this it will be essential not to excessively stimulate the dog a few hours before and after the meal.

Being a very stress sensitive dog, the Border Collie can be predisposed to seizures, although this event is extremely rare.

Border Collie: price

Irresistible, but on the puppies of Border Collie a notation must be made. If they are raised in rural environments they do not socialize and can therefore grow a little lively, I mean a little too much. Thus it risks becoming untameable despite the Border Collie is in itself a very intelligent dog.

The advice is therefore to take a puppy raised on a farm that has had frequent contact with humans before joining the family as a savage. The price of a puppy's Border Collie it can vary from 400 to 1000, naturally with pedigree and all in order. Sometimes, they are sold in pairs, online for example. But then you have to have double the energy to make them play.

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