Drive away spiders naturally

Drive away spiders naturally

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How to get rid of spiders naturally: a guide that will explain how to keep spiders away from home and the garden without resorting to chemical insecticides and without running the risk of damaging human health and the environment.

Like any living creature, ispidersthey have their place in the world or rather, in the food chain of the animal kingdom. THEspidersthey can be appreciated because they feed on flies, mosquitoes and other small insects but they can be detested because they create cobwebs everywhere, just get distracted for a moment to see a new spider web appear in the corner of the house! Foreliminate spidersthere is no need to use chemical insecticides, nor to arm yourself with a fly swatter ... It's possiblekeep spiders away from homeand from the garden using natural ingredients; surprise you to discover that there is nothing that can make you shiver spiders more than a self-made bottle based on essential oils!

Fordrive away spidersfrom home you will need:

  1. A spray bottle
    All you need is an empty spray bottle such as a "spray" that we use on the beach to freshen up or detergent to clean the windows.
  2. Pure essential oil or Neem oil
    You can use 5 - 7 drops of peppermint essential oil, citrus essential oil and tea tree oil. Alternatively, you can use Neem oil which is an excellent natural insecticide par excellence.
  3. Hot water
  4. 3 drops of dish soap

Why for drive away spiders do we need pure essential oil? The pure essential oils mentioned in the ingredients have intense odors which, as pleasant as we may find them, act as repellents for spiders. Spiders, these smells, are excessively strong and unpleasant. THE spidersFurthermore, they are very clean arachnids: they use the pedipalps (the two "front legs") to perform various functions and among these there is the handling of food (read flies, gnats and mosquitoes!), they would never come into contact with contaminated environments . Essential oils, as well as Neem oil, are seen as contaminants and so they are able todrive away spiders.

Why do we also need dish soap? We need dish soap to lower the surface tension of the water and make the liquid product "more available".

Fordrive away spidersfrom the garden, in a similar way, it is possible to prepare a spray solution to be sprayed on plants and affected areas. This DIY natural insecticide can also be used at home. Just add a few drops of neem oil to a liter of warm water to have a DIY insecticide ready for use.

N.B. in describing our DIY fordrive away spiderswe mentioned the essential oil of the tea tree, the essential oil of peppermint and the citrus essence, however, fordrive away spidersyou can also use other pure essential oils such as tea tree, cedar and lavender.

Where to find the material seen fordrive away spiders?
In stores specializing in natural products, Neem oil can be found in stores specializing in the sale of gardening items. Alternatively, you can contact online sales.

On Amazon these products are offered at the price of:

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