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Cocoa butter, all the info

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Cocoa butter: properties, uses for food and for personal care. DIY cocoa butter and all the information for use.

In the food sector, thecocoa butteris a rare gem: most of the chocolate we eat is not exclusively made from cocoa butter but with cheaper vegetable oils and fats. The price of thecocoa butterhas risen a lot in recent years, due to its properties, which are highly interesting both for the food sector and for the cosmetic sector.

To protect consumers, in the United States, there is a law that states that goods marketed under the name of "chocolate" must be produced from 100% cocoa butter. In Europe they are more tolerant and a product, to be called chocolate, can contain up to 5% of fats and alternative wingscocoa butter. This explains to us why Nutella is marketed as"Spreadable cream"and not "spreadable chocolate" as it contains much higher percentages of palm oil. Industries replace thecocoa butterwith other fats such as palm oil, soybean oil, rapeseed oil but also cotton oil and coconut oil.

DIY cocoa butter

Lovers of do-it-yourselfthey may wonder if it is possible to make cocoa butter at home. In fact the process of extracting and preparing thecocoa butterit is not at all simple and to speak ofDIY cocoa butterit is not so immediate. Thecocoa butterit is obtained from whole cocoa beans that are fermented, toasted and then treated to separate the dry external component of the seed from the inside. The process does not end there, because from the material obtained only 54 - 58% iscocoa butter. Industrially, thecocoa butterit is further processed to eliminate strong flavors and unwanted odors.

Those who really do not want to abandon the idea of homemade cocoa buttercan point to the Broma extraction method. The process of extracting the lip stick Broma Process, consists in hanging bags of cocoa beans roasted in a very hot room, thus allowing the cocoa butter contained in the seeds to melt and escape from the seed. The cocoa butter drips out of the bag and is then collected. After harvesting, thecocoa butterit can be used for making rich chocolate bars or combined with milk and sugar to make white chocolate. With the Broma process, the cocoa beans left in the bags can be ground and reduced to powder, this is the classic cocoa powder!

Treat yourself with cocoa butter thanks to its properties

Thecocoa butterit is an important ingredient for the preparation of chocolate but also for many formulations in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic fields. For personal care, thecocoa butterrepresents one of the most stable fats, a quality that coupled with property antioxidants of the same cocoa butter, prevents rancidity by giving the product the ability to be stored for two to five years without any added artificial preservative.

Thecocoa butterit has a velvety and pleasant texture, a natural fragrance that does not require the addition of perfumes and strong emollient properties. These are the characteristics that made thecocoa buttera key ingredient for the preparation of skin care products, soaps and lotions. For more information, the article dedicated toProperties of cocoa butter.

Where to buy cocoa butter

Cocoa butter for food use can easily be purchased in confectionery or in the natural food department of large hypermarkets. More difficult to find is cocoa butter for cosmetic use. Those interested in buying and selling online can buy cocoa butter on Amazon where a kg of cocoa butter (exclusively for cosmetic use) can be bought at a price of € 18.95 with free shipping. For more information, I refer you to the product page: 100% pure and natural cocoa butter

In the photo above, a cocoa butter "bread".

In the photo in the center, a cocoa bean fermentation tank, the photo was taken on a farm east of Honiara, the capital of the state of the Solomon Islands.

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