Scores of the vine, remedies

Scores of the vine, remedies

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Scores of the vine, remediesand tips for performing prompt treatments. From prevention to fight.

L'grumpyis a fungal disease that mainly affects the lives. It is caused by the parasitic fungusPhomopsis viticolawhich is destructive especially in the regions of Italy where the vine, after budding, is often kept wet by frequent rains. The climatic trend of recent years has facilitated the activity of the fungus Phomopsis viticola causing severe damage.

In some cities of Italy, after prolonged periods of winter drought, rainfall increases in April and May, causing various inconveniences to the agricultural world. The damage is attributable to the weakening of the stumps with a reduction in production both in quantitative and qualitative terms. With the trellis already weakened, it will be easy for the fungus to take over.

Escoriosis of the vine and the life cycle of the fungus Phomopsis viticola

The fungus that causesexcoriated of the vineit overwinters in buds, on diseased shoots and on pruning residues if these have been promptly removed from the ground. In spring, with the increase in rainfall that has occurred in recent years and with high levels of humidity, the spores are reactivated and begin to hit the buds in formation. The intensity ofgrumpydepends on the humidity rates, which is why the screwsgrown in wetlands tend to suffer more from this disease.

L'grumpyit is a very early disease: it starts with the vegetative awakening of thelivesand affects leaves, rachids, petioles, basal buds and shoots, especially if these are between 3 and 10 cm in size.

How to recognize the scoring of the vine?
The typical synonym ofgrumpyis the presence of small chlorotic spots with a dark center. The spots first appear on the base of the shoots where you can see these elongated blackish notches. It is possible to recognizegrumpyalso from the leaves that appear with small spots, irregular or circular, with a darker center.

The winegrowers are able to control thegrumpywith the classic preventive treatments for downy mildew. Unfortunately, however, as stated above, the climatic trend of recent times has made the vines more exposed. It is for this reason that an ad hoc prevention with just as many would now be indicatedtreatmentstargeted againstgrumpy.

Escoriosis of the vine, remedies: prevention and treatments

Prevention involves the removal and burning of pruning residues, it will also be necessary to disinfect the scissors passing from one vineyard to another. Again for the prevention of vine scars, it is better to avoid too abundant administration of nitrogen fertilizers.

The treatments must be performed when thegrumpyis now overt. The first treatment should be performed at the opening of the buds (cottony buds-green tips). A second treatment should be performed 8 days after the first. In both cases, it will be necessary to close all the diffusers except those directed on the fruit head. Specific treatments should be done with metiram-70 (type Polyram DF) at the doses indicated on the label.

After the specific treatment, the defense against downy mildew and powdery mildew begins. These two treatments have the power to control the escoriosis.

Also treatments with high dosage wettable sulfur (1 kg per hectolitre) to always be distributed in the very early stages of vegetative growth. To get an idea of ​​the product to use, I refer you: Also in this case, here is a link for those who prefer online purchases: Organic sulfur-based fungicide.

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